Fashion Friday: Different Ankara styles for women

Fashion in Africa has taken a welcome turn as it embodies the continent’s new identity as well as the cultural values of its exotic region with the help of its Ankara styles coined from luxurious Ankara fabrics, colours, prints, various designs, and patterns.

As a fashion trend, Ankara is widely accepted and deservedly at the peak of its popularity.

In the world of fashion today, it is safe to say that Ankara styles have been firmly entrenched as trendy styles. With this upsurge, people can be styled in Ankara and look fabulous in a uniquely African way.

Elements of the beautiful Ankara styles are memorable and beautiful. A lot of famous fashion designers focus their work in this direction, constantly succeeding in creating unique styles.

Trendy and fascinating African designs have been known to stand out on the catwalks at almost every fashion show. These fabrics can be designed with an outline of savannah landscapes, animal outlines, mural painting, abstraction and geometric shapes, small sketches and so much more.

Natural fabrics inherent in local tribes, such as linen, cotton, knitted items are designed with Ankara prints to create lovely Ankara styles. They give the outfit more life and energy. Styles made with Ankara are difficult to confuse with any other because of the abundance of bright natural colours and patterns.

In this article, we will have a look at different Ankara styles and some accessories to style them with.

However, before we go into that, you might want to take a look at Fashion Friday: 30 Hot Ankara styles for women for a variety of ideas on how to style your Ankara prints.

Ankara styles for trousers and tops

One of the most popular trends in vogue when it comes to Ankara styles is the Ankara trouser and top styles.

Stunning Ankara trousers combined with Ankara tops made of similar fabric and designs can look amazing together. Look at the latest designs to get inspired to emulate some of them.

This Ankara wrap top and trouser are in every sense of the word “fabulous”. This two-piece can be worn for a lovely Saturday casual outing. Have a casual meeting on Saturday? Then you need to try this Ankara style.

Thinking of how to get Ankara styles for your Ankara prints? Then this Ankara top and trouser are just what you need. This two-piece will give you that iconic look you desire.

If you rock Ankara styles and have heads turn when you walk past, how much more when the Ankara print is styled in this beautiful trouser and top?

This fabulous look is all you need if you’re confused about what to wear for that important meeting. With this look, you’re definitely making a statement wherever you walk into.

This is an Ankara print styled into palazzo trousers and a crop top. This boss chic look can be rocked for a casual meeting.

Now, this right here is the perfect definition of bossy. This bossy chic look can be styled to the office and surely on a Monday morning as well.

This two-piece allows you to show a little skin. It gives you that confident but sexy look.

Every ounce of confidence you need to portray at your place of work is what this outfit will bring your way and more. This is fabulous and trendy!

Do you desire to own a playsuit? Does this Ankara goodness catch your fancy? Well, if it doesn’t, then you might not find what you’re looking for because this style is as trendy and Ankara playsuits can get.

This is the best look to have if you plan to leave a statement. This look exudes confidence and chic. What’s not to love about it?

You can never go wrong with this two-piece bossy look. What’s even more amazing is their fact that it can be styled in two ways. And both styles make you look as fabulous as ever.

To all the boss ladies out there, this outfit is for you. You should try this style and thank me later.

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Ankara styles for jumpsuits

Ankara styles in jumpsuit are one of the most popular and elegant fashion items ladies appreciate and are absolutely in love with.

Jumpsuits are one of the many gifts of the modern fashion. For many Nigerian women, Ankara jumpsuits are a favourite addition to their wardrobes, especially plus-sized women.

These unique styles are guaranteed to change your look instantly.

These gorgeous Ankara styles combine all the goodness of a pair of top and trousers to form a gorgeous silhouette. Despite the popularity of this fashion style, quite a good number of people are still unaware of what it is!

This is why we will first explain what a jumpsuit is before showing you how wonderful Ankara jumpsuit goodness.

What Is a Jumpsuit Dress?

A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment with sleeves and legs typically without integral coverings for feet, hands, or head.

The original jumpsuit is the functional one-piece garment used by parachuters. Jumpsuits are generally regarded as a garment of convenience, as they are simpler to wear.

They are more of a put on and remove garment than an ensemble outfit. However, unless the jumpsuit has an opening on the rear (a drop seat), it is usually removed entirely for bathroom use

Now, check out these amazing latest Ankara jumpsuit styles for ladies and join in the trend!

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If you are one of those who think that jumpsuits are not for the office, let this fabulous Ankara jumpsuit style do the convincing for you.

This look here is one that can be described as the life of the party. Rock this off-shoulder Ankara jumpsuit style at any party, and be the star of the event!

Rocking this trendy Ankara jumpsuit is everything and more that you need to make a statement. This can be rocked to your office for an important meeting or a casual meeting.

This palazzo pant jumpsuit is the very meaning of classy. This style speaks fabulous. You can never go wrong if you choose to rock this for a Saturday outing.

This is one of the Ankara styles that you fall in love with at first sight, and to think that it is a lovely jumpsuit with a perfect colour blend.

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This jumpsuit style is one that can be rocked either to the office, a board meeting, a casual outing or even an event. This goodness is one important clothing that you need in your wardrobe.

Dressing to match isn’t so bad after all. This Ankara jumpsuit that was styled to match could pass for your favourite jumpsuit of all time. It looks comfy and can be rocked practically anywhere and everywhere.

Looking for something simple or classy? Then this is one of the Ankara styles for you. This classy jumpsuit carries a simplicity that will leave whoever wears it looking elegant. It was styled in a way that you could be comfortable and still slay.

Are you half as stunned as I am looking at this outfit? If you are, then surely you know that this is the perfect choice for you.

Are you a lover of red? Because this jumpsuit is all shades of amazing.

Having this lovely jumpsuit in your wardrobe is definitely a plus!

In conclusion, if you are thinking of looking uniquely African to that event or place that you need to be at, then this collection of Ankara styles got you covered. View this list of Ankara accessories to select the best option for whatever Ankara style you choose to go with!

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