Doctor Cupid: These 5 things are more important than romance in a relationship

Romance novels paint the perfect story of hopeless and enduring love, and some people have taken this to be the gospel truth. 

While it’s not wrong to hold the opinion that romance is important in a relationship (and it is), it is completely wrong to think that is the most important part.

Romance may fade at some point in the relationship, but some other things will not, and these are the things that will keep your relationship going for longer.

Sure, you can go out on dinner dates, buy flowers, and whisper sweet nothings to each other, but you also need to pay attention to these five things.

Below, we are sharing five things that are more important than romance in a relationship. Yes, more than romance.

1. Trust

Do you trust each other? It doesn’t matter how much you are in love, if you don’t trust each other, then your relationship is headed for the rocks.

You should be able to trust your partner with private information, enough o be vulnerable, to be there for you.

2. Respect

Mutual respect is important in any relationship, most especially a romantic relationship. A relationship without mutual respect can quickly become toxic, breaking down your mental health.

Obviously, this is bad for you, no matter how much you’re in love.

3. Do you like each other?

More than love, you need to like your partner as a person. This is why some people prefer to develop a friendship with people they like before they start dating.

If you love each other but don’t like each other, chances are higher that you will not like each other’s company.

4. Communication

This is the most important part of any relationship, the one thing that determines if the relationship will work or if it will fail.

You need to be able to talk to each other about any and everything and if you can’t do that, then your relationship may not stand the test of time.

5. Independence

You need to be able to retain your sense of self in a relationship. Always remember that it is two people coming together and not just a blend of two people in one body.

Retain your independence, work on yourself and your personal growth so that you can grow with your partner and your relationship can continue to flourish.

So, those are some of the things that are more important than romance in any relationship. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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