Doctor Cupid: The true meaning of ‘love is love’

Most times, when people hear the mantra “love is love” they tend to take it to mean what it says plainly with no additives or subtractions.

However, this statement means a lot more than meets the eye. Love must be logically and realistically planned out, always. Take a look at his secret obsession for a few tips on how to go about planning your love.

You probably may not have known earlier, but the term “love is love” surely means more than it sounds, and in this post, we’ll sharing five different meanings of love is love.

1. Love is when you hold hands

Being able to hold hands with the one you love in public and not feel ashamed is love. This would mean that you are able to love freely and nothing can compare to his heavenly feeling.

2. Love means sticking together

Love is love means that you stick together, no matter the adversity you might face. Sometimes, the world can be against both of you being together however, the love lies in how stronger the bond can get even in those times of turmoil.

3. Love is love means to love what you have

Love is love means to be able to love how you want, and there’s nothing wrong with any kind of love. Love is surely going to save our planet.

4. Love celebrates differences

Every human has their differences. Some we can handle, others we cannot. However, love is when you are willing to celebrate that difference and then work on them together.

5. Love means to believe in yourself

This is extremely important because nobody can love you better than you. Believing in yourself is always the first step to love. Believe in yourself, encourage yourself, have fun and be happy, that is love.

You could try these resources on this secret obsession website, it will help youknow the true meaning of “Love is love.”

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