Doctor Cupid: How to know his love for you is real

Love comes with a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes, it might seem like his love for you is not as real as you want, leaving you worrying if his love for you is even real at all.

While guys may not want to go the extra mile to prove their love for you is real, women want to always be sure that their man’s love for them is real. This is sometimes the reason for back and forth in most relationships.

Being her man’s secret obsession is like a dream come true for any woman. If you ask majority of women if they’d rather choose anything else in the world over being the object of her man’s secret obsession, and you’d be shocked at the response you’d get.

If your man isn’t willing to tell you that his love for you is real, we will show you. This week on Doctor cupid we will be showing you 5 ways you can know that his love for you is real.

1.He allows you to be yourself

When a man’s love for you is real, rest assured that he is going to let you be yourself around him. The minute you try to be someone else, you start having problems in the relationship. You wouldn’t be left with the burden of putting up a show, pretending that you are smart. You only have to be yourself.

2. He plans with you in mind

Another way a man shows that the love he has for you is real is that he makes plans for his future with you in mind. He considers how his decision will affect you as well as him. If he wants to get a house, he calls on you to find out if you like his choice, or he gets you to go house hunting with him. Girl, if you’ve got such a man like this, then be assured that he loves you for real.

3. He wants your happiness

A man who loves you for real, wants you to be happy always. He can go the extra mile to ensure that you are happy.

4. He understands you

There’s nothing better than having a man who gets you. It’s like you don’t have to explain yourself and he gets all you are trying to say.

5. He is reliable

Only responsible men are reliable. If he has real love for you, then he is going to be someone that you can count on. Having a guy of this nature is one of the best things that can happen to you.

Of course, not only good things come with the package. However, if this man’s package contains all these listed above and more, then he has real love for you. To get more helpful insight on your love life, try these resources on his secret obsession website that will definitely help you.

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