Doctor Cupid: 5 tips for making it past the ‘talking stage’ in a relationship

The talking stage can be quite annoying in that you’re not sure what exactly it is that you’re doing with this person.

You don’t know a number of important things. Should you be talking to other people? Can you consider yourself still single? Are you allowed to start catching feels for this person and claiming them as your own?

These and other reasons are some of the things that you need to think about and consider when you start (or are already in) a talking stage with someone.

We understand that it can be hard to navigate through the talking stage and especially hard to make it from the talking stage into a relationship with little to no mishaps.


Doctor Cupid: 5 tips for making it past the 'talking stage' in a relationshipSo, here are our five guaranteed tips to help you to from the talking stage into a relationship.

  1. Understand that you are still single in the talking stage. No matter how badly you want to start a relationship this instant, the simple truth is that you are still single. Act like it.
  2. Don’t become entitled. You are not entitled to their time or to any explanations while in the talking stage. The talking stage is more like an interview, where you both assess each other and see if you’re good for each other.
  3. Communicate as clearly and as much as possible. Use your words at this time. Let the other person know how you feel about things at all times. Communication can make or break any relationship.
  4. Don’t twist yourself into uncomfortable shapes to fit into their expectations. Never ever change yourself to fit what somebody else thinks is ‘ideal’. The right person will love you for exactly who you are. Work on your bad attributes but don’t change your uniqueness for anyone.
  5. Don’t move too fast. Take your time at this stage. Enjoy the speed of things. Don’t rush into a relationship or you may rush back out. Take things slowly and get to know each other.

Doctor Cupid: 5 tips for making it past the 'talking stage' in a relationship

So, now you know what to do whenever you find yourself in a talking stage. The weird thing, however, is that there are no ‘rules’ when it comes to these things.

The heart just wants what it wants, in some cases. If you ever need to figure anything out, though, you can be sure that this guide has all the basics that will see you through the talking stage safely.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Let us know how it goes!

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