Doctor Cupid: 5 reasons why you should not stay in touch with your ex

While you may want your romantic relationship to stand the test of time, there is a higher likelihood that it won’t. 

Many people already know that staying in touch with their ex is a bad idea, but unlike them, you are one of those who find themselves rethinking things.

Your ex-partner is an ex for a reason, and in most cases, should be left in the past. Sometimes, partners try to stay friends after a breakup and manage it successfully.

Others, though, are not quite as lucky. It is best to let bygones be bygones, though, for many reasons. Some of those are outlined below. Here are five reasons why keeping in touch with your ex is dangerous for you.

1. Your new partner will definitely not be comfortable with it

There is a special bond that you would have formed with your ex-partner that your new partner definitely won’t be comfortable with. If you want your new relationship to work, then you must be able to leave the old one in the past.

2. Your ex was abusive

Abuse comes in many forms – physical and emotional, to say the least. Once you have realized this, you must completely cut them off for the sake of your mental and physical health.

If your ex was abusive, then it is a no brainer that you should not maintain a relationship with them. Doing otherwise will be damaging to you.

3. Staying friends will be awkward for you both

Hanging out outside your relationship will be awkward for you both. You both have precious memories that you have made while you were together, and this will make things awkward when you become friends.

4. You may kindle an on and off relationship

It is possible that you may let your feelings catch up with you and you can go back to your previous relationship. But if your reasons for breaking up in the first place were valid, you will break up again. And get back together.

This is a toxic cycle that you definitely don’t want to get involved in.

5. It will hurt when they move on from your past relationship

You may deceive yourself into believing that friendship is enough for you, but you will both move on eventually. If they do so before you, then it will hurt you when they move on from you and your relationship.


It makes sense that you would not want to move on from the relationship. After all, old relationships are comfortable and familiar, depending on how long you two spent together.

No matter how difficult it is, however, you must cut off any ties that you have with your ex-partner, for your own good.

Be strong when communicating with them about the end of your relationship. Cut off all contact and don’t give in when they try to reach you.

Within a matter of time, you will both forget about each other and move on with your lives. How do you cope with the end of a relationship? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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