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Doctor Cupid: Ten epic ways to make the most of spending valentine’s day at home

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It’s only three days to valentine’s day, so we’re sure that by now that people in relationships are scrambling for ideas on how to spend the special day, considering what day it is.

You may be thinking of a nice fancy date outdoors where you and your partner can dress up, stare into each other’s eyes and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

The sad reality of it all though is that valentine’s day is on a Friday, which will most likely be spent in a traffic-filled city. After all this stress, it’s unthinkable to ask your partner to dress up again to go out on a date. No one wants to do that.

Instead, you can relax and spend the time at home, doing rewarding things that may even bring you closer than trying to go out will. And, of course, remember that staying in doesn’t mean you forget the gifts.

Meanwhile, there’s a popular meme going around on social media right now that is being used to shame single people.

While we’re sorry to single people. We can’t help but find it hilarious and really ask: “Valentine is coming. Where’s your boyfriend/girlfriend?”

Sorry to you sir/ma, but this article is for people in relationships. For inspiration on gifts to get a last-minute partner (yes, its possible), read on. Check out the hilarious video below:

Below are ten fun ways to make the most of spending valentine’s day indoors.

Cook together

Instead of dressing up and going out to somewhere you know you won’t enjoy because of all your stress, why don’t you try cooking together?

The whole process of working together, laughing, and bumping into each other can bring you closer and deepen your connection.

Watch movies together

Make it a movie night. If you want, watch romantic movies until one or either of you fall asleep. If you have different tastes in movies, try alternating your choices so you both get what you want out of the night.

Who knows, either of you may develop an acquired taste for a different kind of film. You never know.

Make it a spa date

With a few scented candles, some massage oil and some face masks, you can transform your home into a spa.

You can even take turns massaging the stress out of each other. Now, what better way can you think of to spend your indoor valentine’s day?

Play indoor games

If none of the previous alternatives works, then you can try playing some indoor games. There’s nothing better than using indoor games to know if your partner is a sore loser or not.

There are so many options to choose from: scrabble, chess, and so forth. You can even use the opportunity to learn a new game or pick up a few new words.

Plan an indoor picnic

You can plan an indoor picnic. It doesn’t have to be anything major.

Just pack a basket full of food that your partner would like, shift the coffee table to a corner of the room and spread the food out. Enjoy it over some light conversation and laughter. Bliss.

Order in your favourite meal

Order some food in. Last we heard, the delivery company can still travel through Lagos. If you’re too tired to cook, call up your favourite restaurant and order some food.

You can also use the opportunity to try food that you haven’t before. If it goes sideways, at least there’s the weekend to recover.

Throw a mini-party

You can throw a mini party at your apartment. Nothing much, just you, your partner and a handful of friends to join you while you party the night away.

Plan a vacation

Just because you’re physically in one place doesn’t mean your mind can’t wander.

Find a map and your phone and plan a vacation. You never know, your next vacation could be only weeks away.

Play video games

Travel back to your childhood and relearn how to play those games you used to love. Laugh over your sneaky cheating methods and argue over the best games. As long as you’re having fun.

Netflix and chill

If all else fails, turn on Netflix and chill.

So, those are all our options for people who will find themselves indoors this valentine’s day without the means or desire to go out. What will you be doing this valentine’s day? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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