Coronavirus cure in sight as Australian scientists recreate deadly virus

An end appears to be in sight for the deadly Coronavirus that started in China and has now spread to more than 15 countries worldwide.

A team of Australian scientists have announced that they have been able to successfully recreate the deadly virus which should accelerate the process of finding a cure for the virus.

The announcement was made by the team of researchers at Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Melbourne on Wednesday, 29 January.

Doherty Institute Deputy Director, Mike Catton told reporters: “We’ve planned for an incident like this for many, many years and that’s really why we were able to get an answer so quickly. This is a step, it’s a piece of the puzzle that we have contributed.”

So far, the Coronavirus has killed 132 people and infected 6000 people around the world. Although no death has been recorded outside China, several cases have been recorded in other countries including the USA, Thailand, France, and Australia.

Dr Catton said about how the virus is transmitted: “An antibody test will enable us to retrospectively test suspected patients so we can gather a more accurate picture of how widespread the virus is, and consequently, among other things, the true mortality rate.

“It will also assist in the assessment of effectiveness of trial vaccines.”

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