Common Pressure Regulator Problems

This is necessary for all the fluid systems to have the accurate temperature, pressure, and flow settings to outperform. A pressure regulator installed in a fluid system ensures a safe working environment by keeping the pressure and temperature settings constant as per the need of the process. 

What if your electronic pressure regulator starts malfunctioning? Don’t panic, and check the regulator. It is necessary to have an eye on the whole system and pay great attention to the value of the pressure. If you see any kind of increase in the pressure downstream, then it means that the regulator is failing to provide accurate results. There are many factors that can affect the performance of the pressure regulator. 

Here we have listed some common Pressure regulator problems:


An electronic pressure regulator for water reduces the pressure and maintains the constant pressure throughout the systems by restricting the passage of the fluid. With the passage of time, blockages occur inside the regulator that causes to restrict the passage and does not let the regulator provide the set pressure. A blockage happens because of the presence of high minerals in the passing fluid. These minerals accumulate inside the body of the valve and resultantly lower the pressure.

This issue can be solved by disassembling the regulator and cleaning it properly. Calcium and lime remover works best for cleaning the valve, you just have to soak the valve, and they will clean it and dissolve all the mineral deposits. 

Damaged Components:

The moving parts of the electronic pressure regulators have to bear a significant amount of pressure, and this eventually affects them. Over time these components start failing to perform their work and become less responsive. In short, the older a pressure regulator gets, the more prone it becomes to failure. If you start facing problems after just installing the digital pressure regulator, then it means an integral component is damaged.

Most of the time, when it happens, people think that the pressure regulator is not working or they don’t have bought the right device for their application, that’s why it has stopped working. Keep in mind these are the devices that are created to provide accurate control over pressure, but they can also malfunction. Over time these devices get older and become weak. So when they stop performing well after a long period, then it means that any of the internal components are damaged. A plumber or professional can repair it, but it will take more time and cost than simply just buying a new regulator and replacing the damaged regulator. 

Wrong Pressure Settings:

This is one of the most common electronic pressure regulator problems. It often happens that the operator fails to do the accurate pressure settings of the regulator. Resultantly the pressure regulator fails to achieve the desired pressure. So whenever you face insufficient pressure, then don’t immediately think that the electric air pressure regulator is not fine and failing to provide the desired pressure. It may happen because of wrong pressure settings. 

You may simply have to do the accurate pressure settings to have optimal results from your device. Numerous types of pressure regulators are available, and all of them have different specifications. They all are created to fulfill the need of the various systems or equipment. That’s why it’s essential to have the proper knowledge about pressure regulators and their types before making a purchase. If you have this information, then you will easily get the right device for your applications and will have the correct pressure settings.

If you face this problem, then get the help of a professional who has used pressure regulators and has the ability to measure the exact pressure requirements of your system and can make precise adjustments to the regulator. So that the accurate pressure setting can be done for your pressure regulator. 

Final Words:

Above listed problems are just a few common causes of poor regulator performance. To get the optimal performance from your electronic pressure regulator, perform regular checks, and whenever you find that your regulator is facing any of these problems, then perform the necessary actions or get the assistance of a professional to resolve these issues immediately. 


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