Brazil Police Foils Estimated $331 million dollars Robbery Attempt.


In the Capital City of São Paulo , it is astonishing that the underground work of digging a 500-meter  long tunnel went unnoticed for close to four months.



When the police discovered the tunnel that linked the vault of the Bank of Brazil to a rented house their shock was understandable as the work done on tunnel was top notch with a rail track, proper lighting and ventilation.


Police Chief Investigator Fabio Pinheiro Lopes said that it would have been the biggest heist in history had it been a success.


The police have arrested  sixteen suspects in a warehouse not far from the capital where their alleged digging tools were being stored and stated that the robbery was planned for the weekend. The investigation continues as Police have linked the suspects to the First Command  of The Capital (PCC) that is a notorious and highly dangerous drug network formed in the prisons of São Paulo.


Source: The Guardian.

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