5 alternative use of hand sanitizer besides cleaning your hands

Hand sanitizer does more than just killing germs on the hand.

Besides using it to clean your hand, you can use hand sanitizer for other things. There can be used for a number of different things like cleaning makeup brushes.

Below are some other benefits of hand sanitizers and its many other uses:

1. Deodorizing

It doesn’t matter what object you need to deodorize. You can also use sanitizers to refresh your personal odour. A little dab of sanitizer here and there eliminates funny odour.  It kills odour-causing bacteria and other germs.

2. To clean mobile phones

Mobile phones are easily loaded with bacteria which can cause skin breakout. To wipe away any dirt or grime/bacteria use hand sanitizer to clean the keypads.

3. For cleaning makeup brushes

Hand sanitizer works great for removing makeup from brushes. Simply squeeze a pump or two on tissue or cotton balls and wipe away excess makeup. It dries very fast, so you can use the brushes almost immediately.

4. Works as a face primer

Hand sanitizers can be used as a primer, they work when applied just before the foundation because it dries very fast so it helps seal in face oil. However, some people can be irritated by the alcohol in it.

5. Glass

A sanitizer can be used to clean smudges on glass surfaces. This means it can be used your precious computer screen, windows and any other glass surface. All you need to do is simple spray and wipe.

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