FBI profiler Bill Hagmaier to be protagonist in new Ted Bundy film “No Man of God”

There are already 7 or 8 films about American serial killer Ted Bundy but the coming film, “No Man of God”, will shine light on another character, FBI profiler Bill Hagmaier.

In a chat with director Amber Sealey and actor Elijah Woods (who plays Hagmaier), Collider’s Jeff Sneider confirmed that Bundy will, undoubtedly, be the focus. But, it would be told through Hagmaier’s perspective.

Who is FBI profiler William (Bill) Hagmaier? Well, in the words of actor Wood, “he’s a man of integrity”. Why does the actor say this? “It’s because he doesn’t have an agenda,” the actor continued.

Unlike many who participated in the trial, conviction, and execution of Ted Bundy, Hagmaier did not write a book nor grant a lot of interviews about his experience.

“He’s a man of integrity. He was there to fulfill a specific purpose, largely to bring closure to families and to try and tie up those cases as best he could whilst also trying to understand the psychology of Ted. 

“But it’s his humanity and his integrity that is a throughline of that particular story and is true of his entire career, and when you speak to him, that becomes so apparent as well,” Wood explained.

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In “No Man of God,” the relationship between the agent and the serial killer is explored. Hagmaier and Bundy developed a sort of bond towards the end of his life that he considered the FBI agent his best friend. (The feeling was not mutual)

Amber Sealey directed critically acclaimed films such as “How to Cheat” and “No Light and No Land Anywhere”. Her role as director will ensure that women, Bundy’s victims, get a representation in the making of “No Man of God”.

“You can’t make a movie about two men sitting in a room talking about raping and murdering women and not have a female director in today’s climate,” she claimed to have told Spectrevision when pitching for the role.

“Law and Order” alumnus Luke Kirby stars alongside Elijah Woods as Ted Bundy. He joins the list of actors to play the murderous criminal which includes, Zac Efron, James Marsters, Corin Nemec, and so on. Kirby confirmed that he initially hesitated when he got the role but chose to go along with it and trust Sealey completely.

See the complete interview here:

William (Bill) Hagmaier is still alive and was on hand to give the makers all the first-hand information that they needed. “No Man of God” premiers at the Tribeca Film Festival, which ends on 20 June 2021.

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