Who is Connor MacLeod in Highlander? – See 5 powers and facts

Henry Cavill will star in an upcoming “Highlander” reboot, with many believing he will play Connor MacLeod. With his already massive reputation from “The Witcher” and DCEU character Superman, there is renewed interest in the 1986 fantasy action-adventure film directed by Russell Mulcahy.

Connor MacLeod is the lead character, also known as The Highlander because he was born in the Scottish Highlands. Below we look at the 5 powers the character possesses according to the original film.

Who is Henry Cavill Connor MacLeod in Highlander? - See 5 powers, facts
Drawing of Connor MacLeod played by Christopher Lambert

1. MacLeod is an immortal warrior that does not age and can only be killed if beheaded. 

2. As a result of his invisibility, he can recover from any type of injury, even those that would be fatal to a mortal.

3. Trained by Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez, a swordsman from Spain, Connor MacLeod becomes the best fighter in the world. He also picked up skills over the centuries.

4. Killing fellow immortals allows the victor to absorb their victims’ power and become stronger through something called ‘Quickening’.

5. The Highlander eventually becomes able to read the thoughts and feelings of people all around the world after emerging as the last remaining immortal.

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Here are some important facts about the Immortals as portrayed in the “Highlander” film:

1. They are destined to fight and kill each other for the ‘Prize’ until only one immortal is left standing.

2. All immortals cannot procreate and have children unless they claim the ‘Prize’.

3. They cannot fight each other on holy or sacred ground; any location which is deemed to be sacred or hallowed.

Who is Henry Cavill Connor MacLeod in Highlander? - See 5 powers, facts
The Kurgan played by Clancy Brown

4. The Kurgan is MacLeod’s main antagonist, and he is depicted as an evil immortal that seeks to enslave the rest of humanity when he wins the ‘Prize’.

5. Since its 1886 release, “Highlander” has been adapted into a novel, a television series, an animated series, and more.

Chad Stahelski, who co-directed “John Wick”, will serve as “Highlander” reboot director. There has been no confirmation on whether Henry Cavill will play Connor MacLeod or The Kurgan. Additionally, it may take a couple of years before we start to see anything concrete about this reboot, so, don’t get your hopes high.

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