‘Wagatha Christie’ trial: Wayne Rooney to give evidence in libel case

 Wayne Rooney gives evidence in his wife’s Wagatha Christie trial; The final days of this media circus are coming to an end

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England’s record goal scorer, Wayne Rooney sat in court next to his wife Coleen throughout but until now has remained stoically silent and impassively staring into space. The football manager did not react as she told the about difficulties of their marriage or how recent intrusion by tabloids had impacted them personally over last 20 years.

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Rooney is likely to be asked about an alleged exchange with his England teammate, Jamie Vardy. The pair were said have had private discussions about Rebekah’s dealings with the media regarding her husband’s trial and she may call for help from their former teammates who are now playing professional football abroad.

According to Coleen Rooney’s statement, when her husband was captain of the England football team at Euro 2016 he warned Jamie that his wife’s decision “to write a column for The Sun during our tourney [sic] was causing distraction.” However, Rebekah Vardy has denied this claim saying it did not happen because they were doing well in competition.

Wagatha Christie trial latest: Coleen Rooney's 'fib' to trap Rebekah Vardy  | Evening Standard 3 hours ago Wagatha Christie trial latest: Coleen
Wagatha Christie trial latest: Coleen Rooney’s ‘fib’ to trap Rebekah Vardy 


When Coleen come clean about her supposed sting operation, it didn’t take long before she realized that Rebekah Vardy could be behind the leaks. This prompted a defamation lawsuit from The Sun’s source which was later dropped after media attention died down overnight

When Jamie Vardy was absent from the court, Wayne Rooney sat front row and helped carry designer bags into his wife’s trial. And during one break in proceedings, he even stood outside chatting happily with another man wearing a Liverpool shirt while holding open doors for lawyers/journalists leaving their own trials going on at same time!

The Derby County manager has had to deal with jibes about his financially stricken football club. At one point, Hugh Tomlinson QC asked Coleen Rooney if she had any hard evidence that would back up Vardy’s claim as opposed just having a strong belief in it – but he posed this question: “Do you know how often teams who finish second or third have won the league within two years after their success?”

When he heard the comment, Rooney didn’t flinch at all. It would be impossible for Derby County to win England’s top division within two years because they have just been relegated from Division 1-written in stone!

The trial is set to resume on Monday morning with Coleen Rooney continuing her cross-examination. It’s up in the air whether she’ll be able to prove that Vardy leaked stories about her family, but if he did it would mean something entirely different than just “leaking”.

By Rooney’s own admission her case against Vardy is based on circumstantial evidence. Vardy’s team insist the reason there is no smoking gun is because Vardy was not involved in leaking the stories in question. Rooney’s lawyers have argued that the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming and key material that could prove their client’s case has been deliberately destroyed or mislaid

The defending team has called several people to give evidence, including PR advisers and agents. The trial is set for seven days of public court hearings.

The case has been going on for quite some time now and it will finally come to an end with a judgment from the high court judge, Mrs Justice Steyn.

Trial to be continued….

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