[Video] Banky W and wife Adesua Etomi-Wellington shares inspirational testimony

“Banky, Jesus has done it!” 

These were the words that Adesua shouted across at her husband Banky W when she found out that she was pregnant in 2020. They had been married for just three years at the time but their story makes it seem like they had been looking for a child for longer.

They delivered their joint testimony-c-m-sermon at a Sunday service in their church, The Westbrook Church, Lagos State. In the opening parts, the celebrity couple emphasised that their story is based on their relationship with God. They wanted listeners to understand that a relationship with the Supreme Being is vital.

“It is the first key to Final Say Faith,” Banky W said, referencing his recent gospel song of the same title. “God is not 911, a when in an emergency break the glass and call God,” the singer further said.

The couple appears so much in love with each other at the beginning of the video as Banky revealed that his love language is “acts of service”, while Adesua preferred “quality time”.

She did most of the talking when it came to the emotionally heavy aspects of the testimony. According to the video, the story started right from when they tied the nuptial knot in 2017.

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“There is no day in the two and half years I was married that someone did not troll me,” actress Adesua Etomi-Wellington said. She revealed that she could not even air her opinions without someone referring to the fact that she and her husband were without kids.

“Get the kids out of the way …”

They did want kids, and they wanted them very early in their marriage. They reasoned that they would likely be too busy with their respective careers, and they needed to get the kids out of the way as soon as possible.

[Video] Banky W and wife Adesua Etomi-Wellington shares inspirational testimony
Banky W and wife Adesua on their wedding day.
Thus, from the get-go, both of them decided to start trying for kids. However, weeks soon became months, and they began getting worried because of the pressure they put on themselves and external pressure.

Unknown to the public, the couple were battling their own disappointments. But the trolling was never letting up. Like Prince Harry before him, Banky W also blamed the internet and its anonymity for the rise in negativity.

The couple said that the uninformed statements targeted both of them. “They called me a barren woman and said maybe I have done something with my womb,” Adesua said, and Banky on the other side said that he was tagged impotent.

The singer had to persuade his actress wife to give them a year before trying other options, and soon it was 11 months and some weeks. 

IVF and miscarriage

Banky and Adesua decided to undergo an IVF procedure. The couple described the physical and emotional endurance that the process required and even shared a picture of the pills the actress had to take. Adesua said that there are veins in her hands that no longer work.

However, the procedure gave them their first pregnancy, a set of twins. She carried the pregnancy for three months before tragedy struck by the end of the first trimester. 

“I went for a routine scan, but from the doctor’s expression, I could tell that something was wrong,” Adesua explained. Eventually, the doctor told her that both issues had no heartbeats.

“When I got back home, I wailed,” Adesua said, close to tears. Banky W said that they prayed over the matter and went back after a few days for another scan hoping for a miracle. Instead, besides the missing heartbeats, they were also told that the embryos were decaying.

Adesua took some time to encourage more women to talk about miscarriages and other issues relating to reproduction as freely as people talk about kidney transplants. Then, she revealed that they tried IVF three more times before she decided that she had had enough.

Describing the miscarriage, Banky W explained how helpless he felt. All he could do was hold his wife and cry.

Surrogacy, adoption, and more

After they gave up on IVF, the couple said that they actually considered surrogacy. “The hospital even called us that they have found a suitable surrogate,” Banky said. Yet, it felt like they were making their own decisions and instead, they decided to allow God to lead them.

Adesua said that she had gotten to a place where she trusted completely in God. She was even open to adoption already, to which her husband agreed, saying he will believe that God was using them to take care and love a child that needs it out there.

#HallelujahChallenge 2020

In May 2020, Adesua said that she joined the #HallelujahChallenge facilitated by pastor and musician Nathaniel Bassey. She claimed to have missed the first day but made up for it and was part of the social media challenge for the entire two weeks that it lasted.

It was during this period that the couple conceived for the second time.

Banky and Adesua welcomes Baby Z

[Video] Banky W and wife Adesua Etomi-Wellington shares inspirational testimony

The couple welcomed their baby in January 2021 and announced his birth on 22 February 2021 which was also Adesua’s birthday. They had kept the pregnancy a secret all through, and their announcement caught many off guards.

You can read more about their announcement here: Adesua Etomi and Banky W have given birth to a baby boy

Their testimony video has gotten thousands of views within a couple of hours. While they wanted to tell their story, they also wanted to use the opportunity to preach God’s message and help many build up their faith.

Key points they highlighted for Christians were relationship with God, worship, and trust. They also did not reveal their baby’s face, and we have to wait for another opportunity to glimpse Hazaiah Olusegun “Champ” Wellington’s face.

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