Twitterville: #Whatsyouraddiciton – People are sharing their addiction on Twitter. Read about it here

Yesterday on Twitter, user @sodope_ng tweeted #Whatsyouraddition with a short video clip.
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That tweet has since been trending and at time of writing is number 4 on the top trending tweets in Nigeria with 2,167 hashtags so far.


The response has been interesting as Naijarians embraced the tweet to share what they profess to be addicted. A quick skim of the replies seem to point that a lot of people like entertainment: think music, comedy, and sports (football in most cases). Not forgetting food (but of course), makeup, fashion and shopping. There are the odd mentions of attraction: think body type, sex (naturally).


We’re not sure who started the hashtag #Whatsyouraddition, all we know for sure is that it trending in Naija and we are certainly fascinated by the myriad of things . Certainly, worths a psychological study.


Here is a sample of what they say.




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