Trailer Thursday: Get ready to binge watch Money Heist 4 during Coronavirus lockdown

Around the world, fans of La Casa del Papel also known as Money Heist are holding their breath while waiting for the fourth season.

For those who don’t know, Money Heist is a Spanish Television series that is aired on the streaming platform, Netflix. This means that entire seasons are released at once instead of making fans wait for an episode of the show each week.

The series was created by Alex Pina and was originally intended as a limited series to be told in two parts. However, fans loved the series so much that it had to be extended.

The series was first released in December 2017 after Netflix acquired the global streaming rights to the show.

Money Heist tells the story of eight robbers who attack the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid in order to mint their own money. They give themselves code names picked after cities in order to conceal their identities.

Along the way, problems arise and the group gets larger. Now, the fourth season is about to be aired on 3 April 2020 right in the middle of the lockdown around the world.

This ensures that fans will be able to properly binge-watch the series without any interruptions. It also gives movie lovers a chance to catch up with earlier episodes.

Ahead of the release, a trailer has been released and it shows that fans should prepare for chaos to be unleashed in this season. Professor does a lot of crying, his brother, Berlin returns, and there’s an explosion or many.

Ahead of the release, fans have taken to social media, getting #LaCasaDePapel4 to the trends list by sharing mementoes from the show and expressing their excitement for the show.

Check out some of the tweets below:

Ahead of the film’s release, a trailer has also been released for the season. Most notably in the trailer, Lisbon is given a heartbreaking ultimatum: sell out The Professor or lose his family.

La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) is set for release tomorrow, 3 April. Watch the trailer below and let us know in the comments section: will you be watching the show?

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