Toke Moments: Watch Toke Makinwa go ballistic on strangers who gets too personal with ‘Endearment’

In this week’s light-hearted episode of Toke Moments, Toke Makinwa discusses “Endearment and when it is appropriate to use them.” 

According to her, it’s not appropriate to use endearment terms such as “dear, sweetheart,” for someone you do not know very well. And that includes using it for potential customers. For the media personality, a simple “good afternoon“, for instance, will suffice.

And while you’re at it, the On Becoming author says to reserve “hi” to people you are close to, opining that saying “hello is a bit more professional than (saying) hi.”

Toke Makinwa also has an issue with people who use endearment terms for someone that’s much older than they are advising them to use more formal terms.

The media personality also refutes any suggestions that she’s being ageist or “ancient” maintaining that she’s only asking for respect and that she does not want strangers to get familiar with her.

Introducing the new episode on Instagram Toke Makinwa writes:

This week is a discussion and I really want to hear your opinion as I do not know it all, I stand corrected but am I the only one that feels a bit off when someone that is 1. Younger than I am in age or 2. Someone I am not familiar with interacts with me using endearing words like ‘sweetie’ or ‘dear’ etc…

Is it inappropriate or am I just in my feelings? I personally feel it can come across as condescending especially if we are not familiar like I know when interacting with people older than I am, I don’t say how are you dear, or sweetie etc. It just feels wrong or maybe I am too old school?

Watch the episode below and share your perspective with us:

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