Timaya calls Eedris the F-word in an expletive laden video

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Singer Timaya and rapper Eedris Abdukareem are the latest Nigeria celebrities who this week decided to engage in some sort of public drama, thanks to social media.



The latest face-off is between singer Timaya and rapper Eedris Abdulkareem. It all began when Eedris during an earlier interview said that Timaya has forgotten his (Eedris’) contribution at the early stage of Timaya’s career. According to Eedris, he was the one that advised Timaya to find his own voice or personal brand if you like, instead trying to imitate popular artist 2Face (now known as 2Baba). Apparently, Eedris feels that he has abandoned by Timaya now that the latter has metamorphosed into one of Nigeria’s contemporary successful music artists.


These accusations didn’t sit well at all with an enraged Timaya, and the latter took to – you guessed it – social media to address what he perceived as an unjust accusation. And he was not gentlemanly about it.



It was an obscene laded video that he posted to counter Eedris comments on his alleged contribution to his career. Timaya captioned the video “I tried so hard to resist responding to an EMPTY BARREL…But I am sick and tired of all these misconceptions…Sometimes you just need to tell people the HARD TRUTH. F*** U EEDRIS ABDÜLKAR?M.”


The obscene laden video message then began with a “Yo, this Eedris Abdukareem, you gotta shut up your f-----g mouth. You’re telling me that I am an ingrate… I forgot you. How did you treat me?“, he rhetorically questioned.

Look at this Idiot, because I did not say anything, I even called your name now I was your f-----g backup artist and you did not even appreciate it,” he added. “Do you even know my name?” he continued, “You regarded me like a nobody. Look at this fool, I paid my transport to your shows because I was learning, I did not… you have never paid me one day, you disregard people!


Timaya further queried whether Eedris had assisted any upcoming artist and concluded with an advice to Eedris to up his game.

How many people don blown through you? How many people have you helped? Where is them Rafioso, all those people wey dey with you? You dey come open your mouth dey talk because people never answer you. You are an idiot! Don’t come to me. Go and ask dem Patoraking and Skales and the people under me, I gave all of them the room the room to grow, but you, you would just come on social media. I used to be your backup artiste but then 2Face was still there. 2face is big now, where the f--k are you? Don’t blame people. Go and work! Dirty looking Igbo smoker. F*** you! He concluded.


No be small thing oh! As 2Baba would say.


Watch the video.





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