Singer Sheyman vents on social media about stupid celebrities

The thing with social media is that it is a free platform to air one’s view, advise, frustrations or maybe just to throw shade to your colleagues.

Not saying it is only negativity because just occasionally, we get to hear some uplifting news and somethings that restore our faith in humanity. However, more often than not, social media serves as a vent to let it all out, whether out of concern or maybe just to gain one’s 15 minutes fame is up for debate. Just go ahead and make some controversial statement and watch your post go viral – just like the recent post by Sheyman, who made some unsavoury accusations against some “stupid celebrities.”

From what we can garner from the post, it seems like some unnamed celebrities are working against his or someone else’s career, a situation he is not happy about. No right-thinking person would be, admittedly. He rhetorically asks: “Can we least help ourselves from poverty?

Sheyman also made mention of celebs begging the public “for your kidney problem.” We don’t know how that relates to the scheme of things.

Right now the whole post seems jumbled up and we can’t totally make sense of it all, but the singer has promised to update his fans.

See the post below:

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