Should you wear skirts without underwear?

Answering Quirky Questions About Fa...
Answering Quirky Questions About Fashion


This was the question put to the vocal community of and which elicited quite some interesting responses. Here is a sample of the opinions expressed.


Arjino Ferrara, female says:

“In my opinion, it’s fun and exciting. I have done that to my university lecturing classes too. Everything depends on your confidence and how you manage yourself. But, consider not be more revealing in places like colleges, hospital and offices.”


Ernst W. Adams, male thinks

“You can do as you like, as long as you are prepared for consequences that you might not like. One gust of [the] wind or slippery step and the whole world’s your gynaecologist. Just because you have the right to do something doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea.”


Diana Tashkin, female says

“Depends… Where, when, which skirt..[sic] If all conditions are right then why not [?]. However, I would not do it if I will spend most of my day in public. Hopping on a bus, being [a] whole day in my office, going to a cafe for lunch makes this harder for me. At least I would not feel very comfortable. One way or other it’s all about your own morale.”


Lyrra Madril, female thinks there are several factors that can influence the choice of going with or without underwears, including:

Sociological: Implicit sexual connotation, which may thrill some people. She, however, cautions that could lead to trouble.

(Ill-fitting undies that do  nothing for) comfort, which discourages some ladies from wearing them.

Hygiene: Risk of yeast infections from synthetic materials can dissuade some ladies from wearing undies. On the other hand, undies serve as barriers to fluids dripping down one’s legs.

Friction: Between the thighs which can cause “Burns, skin breaks, blisters and all sort of not fun”, thus many prefer to go “undieless”.


There is even an environmental sustainability factor to consider as Erik Denning, male points out. “It saves water, detergent, and shopping costs, as well as saving [sic] time.” (Who would have thought? :D). He also mentioned that “It’s also very good for morale and solidarity that comes from knowing that women everywhere are doing the same.” (Hmm Erik!)



In Kristina Ku?anda’s (female) opinion,  it could be a practical solution to preserving modesty if nature calls in instances where toilet facilities are not immediately available. It apparently also helps in situations where one suffers from rash in the groin area.


Anuradha Mukherjee, female thinks that the “size and the occasion are huge factors influencing one’s experience. Trying too short [a skirt] can be a real risk, and wearing [a skirt] on a windy day in [an] outing, nope, you should reconsider. Safest are midi pencil skirts or long skirts.”


Lauren Campell, female, gives this sage warning,

Be prepared that at some point, someone is going to see your v_gina. When you walk upstairs in a skirt, it is very simple for someone below to simply look up and see straight up. If you are not wearing underwear, you are giving them a full view. This person may be anything from aroused to disgusted or may even be a kid. There are also, of course, unexpected gusts of [the] wind and the unfortunate trip and fall you were not expecting to have, especially if you pair heels with the skirt.”


Zaina Jabr, female, does not particularly advocate going without underwears even as she vocalises support for freedom of choice. She believes that underwears prevent accidental liquids from dripping down one’s legs. She also mentioned a plausible situation of a windy situation and the imaginable results.


Sven Skoog, male thinks

“In general, I think this is okay — and, as many gentlemen will attest, quite titillating (whether by a visual cue, or simply the hinted verbal suggestion that there’s no fabric in play ‘down there’). Certainly, the notion of ‘easy access’ or ‘getting at the goods’ is communicated in a very strong sensual way, and, well, that can be pretty exciting”.

He was, however, quick to point out that the decision on whether to go undieless” has a lot to do with how comfortable the person is with the notion as well as with the notion of others knowing about the fact.


So now you have it, the pros and cons of not wearing underwears under a skirt according to the good folks of Quora. The consensus is that it’s a matter of choice and how comfortable one is with the idea, but there is a catch: Be ready for any consequences that might arise from the decision.


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