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Watch Kylie Jenner and daughter’s #FruitSnackChallange [VIDEO]

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American youngest billionaire, Kylie Jenner, has decided to participate in the #FruitSnackChallange with daughter, Stormi Webster.

The #FruitSnackChallange is all about teaching children patience and so many parents have eagerly joined this challenge.

And as the challenge goes, the parent was to leave the scene for a short while to see if the child would exercise patience.

Young billionaire Kylie decided to participate in the challenge with her daughter, Stormi Webster.

Taking to her Instagram page, Kylie uploaded the video of the challenge.

In the video, the cutie was given a bowl of chocolates and asked not to take any until her mum gets back.

And Stormi did a great job!

She waited patiently for her mum to come in even when she took more time than expected.

Watch the video below:


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