See 10 Nigerian actors that can play Loki

Here are 10 Nigerian Nollywood actors that could have played Marvel’s Loki so well.

Tom Hiddleston has without doubt performed well as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the past 10 years. From his first appearance in 2011 “Thor” to what is likely his last outing in the 2021 “Loki” television series, he has become something of a legend to fans. However, one cannot help but wonder which Nigerian actors would have been able to play Loki as well as Hiddleston did. Here we look at 10 Northwood stars who may have pulled it off if the role fell to them:

  1. Odunlade Adekola
See 10 Nigerian Nollywood actors that can play Marvel Loki
Odunlade Adekola

The 42-year-old actor is mistaken for a one-trick pony because he is mostly cast in comical roles. This stereotype does no justice to Adekola, who can interpret several other roles that require more than hysteria and overly dramatic performances. He would have been perfect for Loki because he can deliver those witty one-liners and monologues with the same intensity and sincerity as Hiddleston.

  1. Yul Edochie
See 10 Nigerian Nollywood actors that can play Marvel Loki
Yul Edochie

Igbo-speaking Nollywood film lovers likely have a big smile when they imagine Yul Edochie as Loki. The actor has managed to make himself a force to reckon with when it comes to witty lines and funny mannerisms. He will be a good fit for the role as well.

  1. Blossom Chukwujekwu
See 10 Nigerian Nollywood actors that can play Marvel Loki
Blossom Chukwujekwu

This theatre-trained actor is one of the few actors that has managed to diversify his acting throughout these years. It is not far-fetched to imagine him playing the Greek mythology trickster with a smirk after each chaos he has created.

  1. Gabriel Afolayan
See 10 Nigerian Nollywood actors that can play Marvel Loki
Gabriel Afolayan

While he may not have the build that the casting process may require, Afolayan can not be written off when it comes to acting. He is as funny as it gets without reducing scenes to just comic relief.

  1. Femi Adebayo
See 10 Nigerian Nollywood actors that can play Marvel Loki
Femi Adebayo

Like many other actors on this list, you may hastily write Adebayo off as a comic actor. While it was those roles that brought him the most popularity, he has also exhibited a range of acting skills that will impress even Hollywood directors. Casting him as Loki alongside the Marvel assemble would totally have him bringing his A-game into it.

  1. Eyinna Nwigwe

Nollywood Actor Enyinna Nwigwe Eye Candy Sexy Photos - Essence

Nwigwe appears to be built for roles that have to do with prestige and royalty. He physically fits into the role of Odin’s adopted son in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it does not also have all to do with his physique. The actor has been able to put together several outstanding performances over the past 5 – 8 years.

  1. Wale Ojo
Wale Ojo
Wale Ojo

Wale Ojo has an impressive acting resume that speaks on his behalf. While he is unarguably past his prime, he would have been a perfect cast for the role of Loki.

  1. IK Ogbonna
Sidomex Entertainment film news
IK Ogbonna

The actor has played several impressive roles in the past that it is not difficult to see him as a Nigerian Loki. Ogbonna switches from comic to drama and to action acting as easily as professional tennis players switch hands during a game. He has also proved that he can master any accent he puts his mind to.

  1. Femi Branch
Femi Branch
Femi Branch

He is another theatre-trained actor who has entertained Nigerian viewers for several years. Branch is also notably a poet. All these give credence to the assumption that he could play a Nigerian-Loki to perfection.

  1. OC Ukeje
O.C. Ukeje - Actor profile on Nollywood Boulevard.
OC Ukeje

Ukeje has starred in a collection of films that were successful both locally and internationally. He can perform for the Nigerian audience while not alienating foreign viewers as well. If there is a Nigerian actor that can play Loki, then he is the one.

Do you agree with our list? Share your thoughts in the comments section. You may also like to read our recent article, Loki actor secretly watches Marvel films as a regular cinema-goer.

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