Review: M.I. Abaga- You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives.

Method Mad apologizes to Destiny&#3...
Method Mad apologizes to Destiny's Child

Artiste: M.I. Abaga.

Written By: M.I. Abaga.

Record Label: Chocolate City.

Release Date: October 20, 2017.


Let us just establish a fact again: Mr. Incredible is not your mates.


Now that we have gotten this out of the way, let us delve into this song with a glass of strong Brandy and remorseful hearts.


Before now, many probably thought M.I. was done for, I once even lamented on how the indigenous rappers seem to have overtaken the industry until their ‘Big Brother’ came out with this track.


Classic M.I. He doesn’t hide behind dance beats to spew rubbish, hell, he could probably be reading this off a page with only a bunch of kids humming and it would be a hit. The message is simple, he was considering retirement but saw that none of the rappers around were ready to assume the mantle.


Now, he doesn’t come out preaching without flows, each line that became bars keeps the head nodding. He laments how S.A. rappers are killing us with their hip-hop while our own rappers are here aiming for popularity and not ready to pass no message or challenge the status quo.


However, I wonder what he was thinking to stop spewing at nearly a minute before the track ended may be the video will explain that or he plans to leave that space for any one interested in ‘fixing up their lives’ to jump on the track too. But whatever it is, it takes nothing away from the quality of the song as we await his album release announcement.


Rating: 9/10.

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