Rapper Meek Mill Sentenced To Two Years In Jail.

A US judge Genece E. Brinkley has sentenced the rapper who was featured on the Billboard 200 charts this year to jail for violating probation.


The rapper who was born as Robert Williams was found guilty of violating court orders ‘repeatedly’ for a case of possession that dated as far back as 2005. Though he was arrested again recently this year in March at an airport for engaging in public scuffle.


The sentence was to range from two to four years, with two years being the minimum amount of time that he could be granted parole. In reading out the sentence the judge said: ‘I gave you break after break, and you basically thumbed your nose at this court’.


The sentence seemed harsh and fellow rapper Jay Z hopes Meek Mill will be able to turn the sentence around and get back on track for his music career.


Meek did not protest during the hearing, only saying he was human and he makes mistakes and deserves the mercy of the court.


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