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BBNaija Reunion: Omashola confesses love for Kim Oprah | Watch on Sidomex

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The latest episode of the BBNaija reunion show definitely aced all qualifications for drama as Omashola confesses his love for Kim Oprah.

BBNaija housemates Kim Oprah and Omashola have opened up that they, in fact, have a relationship brewing between them.

The host, Ebuka, asked Omashola if he had intentions for Kim Oprah and he confirmed that she was what he wanted, and that he was willing to do anything to get her.

The duo, who seem to have been together all these while, had a recent misunderstanding that they hadn’t cleared between them.

Speaking about the issue, Kim Oprah said that they couldn’t move past expressing their feelings for each other because she’s been complaining about something that Omashola needed to fix.

I know that Omashola is loyal and he will always be in my corner come rain or sun but he is self-centered. His self-centeredness gets in the way of things,” she states.

Kim stated that he puts himself first in every situation without considering the other person.

Reacting to her statement, Omashola stated that he didn’t understand what she meant by him being self-centered.

He, however, stated categorically that he wants Kim despite some of the challenges they have encountered in the time they have talked about their feelings for each other.

I know what I want. I’m ready to do whatever to get Kimoprah. I can kneel down to apologise to her,” he says as he stood on his feet ready to take action but Kim Oprah begged him not to.

Watch the video of the segment below:


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  1. Just saying... says

    Omashola didn’t understand what Kim was saying, there is not fixing him, it would appear. He seems to think that once he says “I love you” everything will be ok? SMH.

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