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DJ Cuppy reveals name fans chose for her upcoming EP [photos]

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DJ Cuppy is set to release her EP, but first, she is sharing the name of the highly anticipated body of work.

Her debut EP will be called ‘Original Copy’ and is set for release later this year. To pick the name, she involved fans in every process, something that further increased interest and anticipation for the EP.

She first asked fans to send her their suggestions for the EP. Then, she picked the top four suggestions –  ‘Guest Host’, ‘The Cupcake’, ‘Original Cuppy’ and ‘Only Choice’.

From these, fans picked ‘Original Cuppy’ through a Twitter poll, and ‘The Cupcake’ almost became the winner.

She has now announced the name of her upcoming EP as the name fans chose, with a little twist – to keep in line with her oxymoron theme, she said.

She also shared a couple of fun pictures, along with the announcement, which she made on social media.

She wrote:

“Final results! Over 9,000 of YOU voted… #OriginalCopy will be the official name of me DEBUT EP to keep in line with my oxymoron theme!”


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