Nigerian filmmaker Taiwo Egunjobi unveils first-look teaser of ‘Crush Roses’

Taiwo Egunjobi has released a first-look teaser for his upcoming film, Crush Roses, which is based on a story by Ibiere Addey.

The short film, produced in the UK and Nigeria tells a story about three friends who are all trying to figure out their place in life. The young protagonist questions whether she should be loyal or forgives those close enough for an affair as her marriage falls apart around them.

Here is what the synopsis prepares you for:

“The Saga of an Undefined Relationship” — takes you into the enchanted lives of Zainab Ali and Wale Badmus. Zainab, a young university poet, is lovestruck by her unsuspecting best friend Wale. Wale, a lady’s man, relies on Zee (as fondly called) for everything until one night at the jazz cafés’ open mic.

“Zee recites her poem – but it is more than a poem. It’s an emotional revelation of true feelings for both Wale and Zainab; however, by the time he responds it’s too late.”

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The short film, “Crushed Roses: The Saga of An Undefined Relationship” is based on Ibiere Addey’s beautiful and tender novelette. A classic love story written in a stylistic poem-prose with the voice that belongs to young romantic African women everywhere!

The novelette was created in much the same way every word and sentence were carefully considered. Ultimately, I hope that this film speaks to your heart as well–and maybe even some tender roses!

The film ‘Crushed Roses’ is a romance between two students which was shot back in January 2022 with Temilolu Fosudo and Tolu Osaile leading roles. The running time of this 17 minutes 50 seconds long movie means it will take less than 18 minutes for you to watch the whole thing!

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