Home Sweet Home Alone and other movie classics reboot people hate

Hollywood is filled with a lot of reboots and remakes of successful, beloved films of the past, but sometimes, in cases like Home Sweet Home Alone, it may have been best to leave the originals alone.

The upcoming Home Alone reboot movie, according to the trailer, will try to repeat the magic of the original. It will be on Disney+ in November 2021, featuring a young boy named Max Mercer.

The Mercers are a large and chaotic family embarking on a journey to holiday in Tokyo only to discover that in their haste, they had accidentally left one of their children — Max — behind. While they scramble to return to their home, the boy is left to fend for himself.

Max Mercer, who is left home alone for the holidays, had to deal with a married couple trying to steal a valuable heirloom from his house.

Home Sweet Home Alone stars Archie Yates, from the cast of Jojo Rabbit, alongside Rob Delaney, Ellie Kemper, and Aisling Bea with cameos from Macaulay Culkin and Devin Ratray reprising their respective roles as Kevin and Buzz McCallister.

The only thing is, judging by the trailer, the reboot is stuck with repeating the same plot and storyline as the original. It even repeats the original characters’ mistakes which makes it difficult to understand the point of the reboot.

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Aside from the Home Alone reboot, several other movie reboots have made us feel the same way we believe we will feel about this reboot. Some of them are:

Charlie’s Angels

Charlie's Angels 2019 - worst movie reboot
Charlie’s Angels 2019

The original of Charlie’s Angels aired from 1976 to 1981, and Americans tuned in to watch Charlie send his team of Angels on missions to help save the world.

Though the show endured some criticism for portraying women in male fantasies, others praised it as a fun female-led show, and it was a success at the time. Then, there were the 2000 and 2003 attempts at movies to continue the series.

When the 2019 reboot came, it was so concerned with passing the message of feminism across that it forgot to be fun.

According to a review for Slate, Inkoo Kang wrote: “the film is stuffed with noble intentions, starting with an early montage of anonymous girls and young women doing kickass things. But Banks’ vision of women-empowerment heaven plays more like a checklist of topics from the feminist discourse of the past few years than a coherent movie, let alone a crowd-pleasing one.”

Swept Away

Swept Away - worst movie reboots
Swept Away remake poster

The original version of Swept Away was an Italian make, however, the reboot was American; which means it was made for a completely different market. Maybe this explains why the reboot seemed to be a slain version of the original.

The Italian version of the movie was the story of Raffaela, an entitled, wealthy woman who ends up being stranded with Gennarino, a crew member from her yacht — who is also a communist.

Ending up shipwrecked on a desert island, she loses control, and the two end up engaged in an unexpected love affair. The American reboot of the movie was nothing like it. There was little or no chemistry between the lead characters and it definitely didn’t leave the same effect as the original. Maybe Home Sweet Home Alone did a better job with the Home Alone remake compared to this one.

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Move Reboot
Pulse, Kairo movie reboot

Japanese horror film Kairo was remade for American audiences as Pulse. In Kairo, the makers creatively made spirits find their way into the world through the internet, causing strange and horrifying events to occur. The movie featured two parallel narratives that show characters dealing with the consequences of this paranormal invasion.

The remake was quite similar but the narrative seemed to have been cut off from the movie. In Pulse, ghosts made their way into the world of the living through an opened portal which got opened by the use of the internet, but everything that made the original intriguing in Japan was missing.



The original of Fame was made in 1980, yet it had an effect on viewers that the 2009 remake failed at.

The original story was about the life of a group of high school students after they gain acceptance to the prestigious High School of Performing Arts in New York City, and the difficulties they experienced as they studied their respective crafts – difficult obstacles they faced in the classroom, on stage, and in their personal lives.

The characters were relatable and sympathetic, and the musical numbers were a hit while the 2009 remake of Fame didn’t have the same atmosphere. It was more polished like it was intended to be an after-school special rather than a film about the complex life they had afterward.

Critic Roger Ebert gave the film two stars, writing, “The new Fame is a sad reflection of the new Hollywood, where the material is sanitized and dumbed down for a hypothetical teen market that is way too sophisticated for it.

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