More art illustrations emerge of Obama and Biden saving the world

It’s gradually becoming a reality, the adult sci-fi that depicts former US President Barack Obama and his vice, Joe Biden as superheroes.


The project titled “Barry and Joe” conceived by Adam Reid, an avid supporter Obama successfully raised the $100,000.00 the proponents estimated as the cause of realising their dream project.


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according to Reid, the story starts with Trump’s inauguration and will see Biden will leap into the past and try to recruit Obama—who used to go by “Barry,” hence the name of the series—over and over again.


The first jaunt will likely be to Hawaii, where a 35-year-old Biden, who knows what the future holds, will approach a teenaged Obama, who doesn’t, to try to earn his trust and convince him to come help save the world. It will reimagine the story of their bromance, combining “Joe’s sort of passionate, volcanic, sensitive nature” and “Barack’s eloquence, grace and surefootedness.” Each episode of about 11 minutes will be a stand-alone, but the edges will connect.


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See some of the comic illustrations developed so far for the series below.





You may read more about the project here.



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