Mobile phone charging myths debunked

Everyone knows that mobile phone invention wouldn’t have been possible without the associated mobile battery. Batteries are to phone what carbon dioxide is to green plants or oxygen is to man. So, we are keen to have our mobile batteries functioning at optimum capacity and might be tempted to give the benefit of doubt to any information myths that can extend our battery’s shelf life. Most of these myths are predictably related to charging mobile phones, ranging from the seemingly believable such as ‘location services being a drain on the battery’ to the outright ridiculous such as ‘charging the battery all the way up and then allowing it to drain all the way down’. Luckily, folks at have rounded up and debunked the most common myths flying about on charging mobile phone. Click here to get the download on the gist. Also, tell us if there are any myths you are aware of that are not on the list.

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