Mella revealed how her son, Benito as been influenced by some of JJC Skillz’s bad habits

Mella revealed how her son, Benito was influenced by some of JJC Skillz’s bad habits.

Gomora actress Mazet falls pregnant
Gomora actress Mazet falls pregnant

Mella, baby mama of Abdulrasheed Bello better known as JJC Skillz, and mother of Benito, as accused him of influencing their son with bad smoking habits.

While reacting to a photo of Benito smoking on Instagram, she made this known.

“This has been a long-standing dispute between us both,” she wrote in her post. “The biggest problem here is that Abdul is constantly smoking dope in front of his children which I’ve asked him not to do many times before, but he never listens.”

“I feel like these children look up to their father and follow his example. It has been a big problem for me, but I also know how it feels when you’re trying hard as mom.” Although the post was later deleted.

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Mella as not stopped dragging her former partner, Benito since he called out the music star’s wife Funke Akindele on social media.

While you parade yourself on social media pretending with fake piety to be the main character in an aspirational story, the son that you assaulted and inflicted grievous bodily harm upon is still recovering from his physical injuries and mental trauma,” she wrote on IG.

Later, Benito revealed why he was assaulted by his father.

He said that after he was expelled for bringing alcohol to school, his relationship with the artist hit an all-time low. He accused him of repeatedly hitting him inside their car while driving home from practice one day – leaving bruises across Benito’s face, neck, and ribs

When Benito’s stepmom Funke Akindele was revealed to be a horrible person, he became a social media sensation.

He made these known following reports of crisis in JJC and Akindele’s marriage.

His mother later released the photos of his twins, which were a retaliation for exposing their family secret to everyone.


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