Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle is working on clothing line, says sister

Meghan Markle‘s dad is reportedly working on a clothing line.

The Duchess of Sussex’s half-sister, Samantha Grant, revealed on Twitter that their father, Thomas Markle, is working on a clothing line for men.

“So excited about my father’s new #clothing line for men!” Samantha wrote on her private Twitter account. “Will keep you posted!”

Samantha is the one who famously took the fall for helping her father stage paparazzi photos in the weeks leading up to Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry in May.

Grant did not provide any further details about Thomas’ move into the fashion world. He previously worked as a lighting director in Hollywood.

The news of his new venture comes days after he claimed to have “hung up” on his son-in-law during a phone conversation about the staged photos.

“Harry told me that I should never go to the press. That it would end in tears. He said, ‘They will eat you alive,'” the 74-year-old told the Daily Mail.

Thomas claimed that Harry told him, “If you had listened to me this would never have happened.”

To which Thomas replied before hanging up the phone, “Maybe it would be better for you guys if I was dead… then you could pretend to be sad.”

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  8. I thought marrying into a royal family like that, one’s entire life and family changes for the better. I don’t understand this one


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