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‘Love Cycle’ singer Enisa is getting lots of love from Nigerians

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Brooklyn based singer Enisa is getting lots of love from Nigerians as they continue to swell her stream numbers and social media followership.

Albanian singer Enisa Nikaj or simply Enisa had come into the Nigerian Twitter space when she vocally supported the #EndSARS movement. The Brooklyn-based musician had tweeted:

In return, Nigerians had promised to support her music as well. As it turns out, they are doing just that. On 4th December 2020, ENISA tweeted a photo of her single “Love Cycle” topping Nigeria pop charts.

'Love Cycle' singer ENISA is getting lots of love from Nigerians

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Also, its music video currently has 2 million views. The impact that Nigerians are having on Enisa’s career is glaring. Within two weeks, her “Dumb Boy” music video has garnered 2 million streams and counting.

ENISA herself is basking in the attention. She has even adopted the Nigerian name Eniola and Davido has invited her for a remix of “Love Cycle”.

Her Twitter followers have grown to 67.1K as of when this article was published and her Instagram followers count is at 648K. Commenting on the attention she is getting from Nigerians, ENISA wrote:

“NOW WE GOT MY SONG “LOVE CYCLE” TRENDING. This is the first time my song has ever trended on Twitter. Love you guys with all my heart for supporting me.

“One thing I’ll tell you about me is that I have a good heart, I don’t ever bring anyone down. I want to see us all win, I want GOD to bless us all equally. Spread love!”

She is even tweeting in pidgin already and hinted at a “bunch of concerts all over” Africa.

  1. Bosun says

    Enisa now Eniola

  2. The Saw King says

    She deserves it

  3. Balikeys says

    Oh! Do this is why Eniola has been trending? Lol.

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