Kim Kardashian’s debut | Top 10 most-watched SNL videos on YouTube

NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) is a popular sketch-comedy series, first aired in 1975. Since its inception, they have released series of videos, and in this article, we have compiled the top 10 most-watched SNL videos on YouTube.

How SNL videos started

SNL videos all started back in 1974 when Johnny Carson hosted The Tonight Show, which was a huge moneymaker for NBC.

At the time, the network aired reruns of the late-night talk show on the weekends, but according to AV Club, Carson requested that NBC save his reruns and air them during his vacation days instead.

The weekend slot was then left empty, but it had to be filled. So, NBC’s then-director of weekend late-night, D--k Ebersol, teamed up with up-and-coming TV writer and producer Lorne Michaels and created what is now SNL.

The show made waves not long after it started, and it has since shown that it is worthy of staying with the millions of views that it has gathered on YouTube. Many stars have arisen from its stable.

Saturday Night Live has seen different hosts on the show. Most recently, it was Kim Kardashian West’s debut, and she did better than most people thought she would. Even she herself thought she wouldn’t do well, and she pointed out in her monologue that she seemed an odd choice to host the widely watched show.

Her opening monologue states: “I know, I’m surprised to see me here too. When they asked, I was like ‘You want me to host? Why?’ I haven’t had a movie premiere in a really long time. I mean actually, I only had that one movie come out and no one told me it was even premiering. It must have slipped my mom’s mind

Kardashian West also joked about being hot and wanting folks to know she’s “…so much more than that reference photo my sisters show their plastic surgeon.”
Kardashian West said she “married the best rapper of all time” and called him both the “richest Black man in America” and “a talented, legit genius who gave [her] four incredible kids.” Then, she cheekily added, “So, when I divorced him you had to know it came down to one thing — his personality

While Kim K’s turn is still hitting the airwaves, it is still far from the most popular skits that the show has produced. In the YouTube era, we have compiled the top 10 most-watched SNL videos on YouTube.

1. P_rn Teacher

This episode of Saturday Night Live monologue features Amy Schumer as the “teacher”. It started with a hilarious opening monologue from Schumer after which she attempted to seduce resident bad boy Ricky (Kyle Mooney), only to keep getting interrupted by an overachieving student (Aidy Bryant).

The characters wore ridiculous costumes and then went on to give a horrific dialogue. It is a pitch-perfect adult film parody.

2. Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks

Black Jeopardy is a game show on SNL where the contestants are in church clothes. At least, that’s how the host, Darnell Hayes (Kenan Thompson) said.

The Contestants are Keeley (Sasheer Zamata), Shanice (Leslie Jones), and Doug (Tom Hanks). The favorite part of this hilarious skit is that there are no real answers.

3. Harry Potter: Hermione Growth Spurt

In this skit, summer is over and the students of Hogwarts are returning, however, naive Hermione has undergone a “Growth Spurt” and is now well endowed and more feminine, but she doesn’t notice any difference. While the wizards of Hogwarts can’t get over her summer growth spurt.

4. Spider-Man Kiss

The skit was on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone having troubles shooting their climactic love scene in front of a green screen,

Chris Martin from Coldplay offers to step in and make sure they get the kiss they need and he seemed frustrated after several trials.

5. Star Wars Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base

Fans can agree that this is one of the best skits from SNL. Driver’s Star Wars character goes undercover on Starkiller Base and tells his coworkers all about how a buddy of his saw Kylo Ren’s eight-pack in the shower.

6. Close Encounter

This skit features three persons — Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Ryan Gosling — who had been abducted by aliens being interviewed by two scientists. The hilarious skit was filled with so many funny dialogues.

7. Celebrity Jeopardy

Alex Trebek (Will Ferrell) tries his best to keep contestants Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond), Justin Bieber (Kate McKinnon), Tony Bennett (Alec Baldwin), Burt Reynolds (Norm Macdonald), and Matthew McConaughey (Jim Carrey) in line.

8. New Disney Movie

Disney’s latest live-action film stars Dwayne Johnson as Bambi, Vin Diesel (Taran Killam) as Thumper, Tyrese Gibson (Jay Pharoah) as Flower, and Michelle Rodriguez (Cecily Strong) as Faline. Directed by Matt & Oz.

9. Sean Spicer Press Conference (Melissa McCarthy)

White House press secretary Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) and secretary of education nominee Betsy DeVos (Kate McKinnon) take questions from the press (Bobby Moynihan, Kristen Stewart, Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer, Alex Moffat, Mikey Day).

10. Celebrity Jeopardy! Kathie Lee, Tom Hanks, Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds

Kathie Lee Gifford (Kristen Wiig), Tom Hanks, Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond), and Burt Reynolds (Norm Macdonald) take on Alex Trebek (Will Ferrell) in a new round of Celebrity Jeopardy!

You will agree that Saturday Night Live remains one of the best TV shows currently airing and its ensemble cast just keeps it going.

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