Founder of iROKOtv, Jason Njoku responds to accusation of copyright infringement

A Nigerian writer Tomi Adesina accused iROKOtv of adapting her blog series, Beautiful Stranger, into a movie called Swings without her consent.
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Calling the company out in a series of tweets, Tomi stated that the names of the major characters, the setting, the dialogue and the plot line of the 2018 movie is the same with her series that was published as a free E-Book in 2015.

Commenting on the issue via an official statement sent to Pulse, Njoku said that the movie, Swings, which was set in Ghana with an all Ghanaian cast, and was produced by a Ghanaian production company, DEO Studio/Daniel Edah Production.

Neither ROK Studios nor iROKOtv was a part of the actual production of the movie Swings, and we did not see a script for this movie. We acquired a finished product after DEO studio / Daniel Edah Production contacted us,” he says.

He added that there’s no mention of iROKOtv or ROK anywhere in or around the film as they had nothing to do with the movie’s creation.

Tomi Adesina’s legal team alerted IROKOtv to this specific incident two weeks ago and we promptly addressed the issue with Tomi Adesina’s legal team within five days; we also received an acknowledgment from her lawyers that she had received a response from our team.

To clarify, and in no uncertain terms, ROK did not produce the movie, neither did Limited or Rok Studios Limited finance the production of the same content. Twitter is not the forum for such discussions, nevertheless, we are happy to continue this conversation offline with Tomi Adesina.

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