Former United States president Donald Trump would have to wait longer to get back on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook‘s oversight board still feels ex-United States President Donald Trump deserves to be kept off the social media platforms after its meeting on Wednesday, 5 May 2021.

However, the company has decided to revisit the issue 6 months later as the permanent nature of the ban does not follow the original scope of Facebook’s normal penalties.

The board also issued a stance that would mete out justified responses to all users in the future.

Donald Trump was banned from Facebook and Instagram indefinitely in January following the Capitol Hill riots. This was due to the fact that concerns of further violent unrest could ensue following the storming of the U.S. Capitol by supporters of the former president.

Facebook and Instagram weren’t the only social networking platforms Donald Trump was banned from, however, the company’s oversight board has determined that the issue be revisited in order for absolute transparency and for all users to be treated the same.

But, in the meantime, Donald Trump’s accounts remain suspended.

Facebook’s Chief Executive, Mark Zuckerberg, at the time of the suspension said in a post that allowing the ex-president to continue on their platforms is simply “too great”.

Later on, the case was referred to the board which was recently established to conclude on whether to uphold the ban or restore Trump. The board comprises academics, lawyers, and rights activists.

Facebook decided to create the board to serve as an independent body when it was criticized over how it handles problematic material. However, since the board has asked Facebook to be transparent in how it responds to all users, the company would consider the board’s decision.

A number of recommendations were also made by the board as to how Facebook should improve its policies.

The decision of the Board concerning Donald Trump’s indefinite ban was due to be announced last month but the ruling was delayed in order to review more than 9,000 public responses to cases.

Mr. Trump, however, has since launched a new website that would serve to update supporters with his thoughts.

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