Fans come to the defence of rising model Olajumoke against online troll

JayDaYoungan bone chilling details
JayDaYoungan bone chilling details

What to do when trolls attack your favourite model… Call them out! And that was exactly what Olajumoke Orisaguna’s fans did against one troll, who targeted the wrong person. Big mistake!


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Olajumoke last Thursday sent a brief and heartfelt happy birthday wishes to Nollywood superstar, Richard Mofe-Damijo Happy birthday, sir. God bless you @mofedamijo”, she captioned a picture of herself with RMD. Only for the troll who goes by the Instagram handle osy4firepemito comment, “U r suppose to av upgrade ur spoke English @olajumokeworld” (sic!)Phew!


Olajumoke with RMD (photo from Instagram)

Now, that did not sit well with the model’s fans who immediately came to her defence. Many of who also called out the troll on her own glaring grammar errors. Here’s a sample of what they said:

@iam_celebratedaruna: “@opsy4firepemi very soon, it’s not easy for someone who started from the scratch. You know it took us time to get to the to the level (that we) are. She is getting there soon.”

debbyhrichie: “My dear don’t mind those haters” to Olajumoke, “Continue rising, the Lord is your strength…”

iamthatdrcole: “@opsy4firepemi what is wrong with her spoken English? Go and learn how to write correct English first… (Grammar Advisor needed) @olajumokeworld well done jare!!!”

miriam_emetarom: “@opsy4firepemi it’s” your supposed to have upgraded your on spoken English”. Awon English professor,I dey hail oo”

cheapestboutique1: “@opsy4firepemi You need to work on your English personally ma, then you can come and correct someone’s English here. After dropping your bad English here like a bomb, you are still talking about upgrading somebody’s English? Na real wa.”

basmarc_beyondhere: “@opsy4firepemihaba! Don’t u see the progress… Remember how long it took you too”

iamdiamond_flawless: “English teacher… spoken or written ish she just wrote and even if her spoken English is bad please na our language abeg @olajumokeworld u are communicating and ur people are so loving u like dat …In as much as dey understand d rest na story ….@opsy4firepemi who English help ooooo”


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seigobe2: “Did you stay in school at all? For your information her FIRST LANGUAGE IS YORUBA , English language is a borrowed eworld is a lucky woman – she’s real and on her way to the TOP. You need to get a NEW LIFE AND GBE ENU E SOUN, SHO GBA E. THANK YOU. More power to Olajumoke…….’will be watching the new show.”

debbierise1”@opsy4firepemi, English teacher, u need a full stop(.) at the end of your sentence. Keep beefing ooo, she’s making it big than you. Epele ooo, alakowe.”

olayinkaekunrere: “The problem I have with some people is the priority they place on other people’s Language while theirs is suffering. I wonder if the person that criticised @olajumokeworld knows ‘A – Y’ (Yoruba alphabets). I pray people know English is just a Language and not a test of intelligence.

olahdoeyin: “@opsy4firepemi you don’t come on people’s page with such negativity, it’s bad! @olajumokeworld is already a super star, english or no english and she is trying… Personally, I am proud of her achievements. @miriam_emetaromthat wasn’t even the correct thing you wrote, i’m guessing it’s a typographical error. So that we won’t confuse people… The right thing @opsy4firepemi is * you’re supposed to have upgraded your own spoken English * Bless up everyone and stop hating.”

lyzzi_smart: “@opsy4firepemi I’m sure you went to school at least you got the basic of education and yet you can’t spell correctly, olajumoke started from nowhere and she has been doing so well,be humble my friend this babe is a success and she will only get better!”

yettiebetty: “@opsy4firepemi Tried correcting your own comment and I noticed that i have to rephrase it to make it come out well. Please stop with the U, AR, AV, UR, it irritates me …. #gobacktoprimary3”

drishankiddies: “@opsy4firepemi English is not our mother tongue, before we were colonized we had our language and. Because some white people brought a language for us doesn’t mean our languages should extinct, no never, its high. Time, we should learn to support ourselves, especially women. She didn’t have the privilege of Primary education which is a building block, many that went to Pry, can’t even speak well. Looking at where is coming from, we should applaud her, rather than ridicule her. If you want to advise her, then please, she is trying a lot to be better according to our so called borrowed standard. So please next time, Waka Pass”

ospelomos: “@drishankiddies say it sister!! Right on!!! If Vladimir comes to Nigeria he will speak Russian, it’s not like he can’t speak correct English, but English is incorrect English, but English is not his mother tongue. The bottom line is to communicate and communicate in whatever Language you are comfortable in. So-called English is the reason why I can’t speak my mother tongue, cos I was not taught, English at home. English at school, Very shameful.

One user @ adizaoladimeji succinctly summarised the messages for @opsy4firepemi: Moral “Lesson learnt; do not be too fast to condemn some else’s shortcomings… Hmm haters shaaa.” We can’t put it any better.


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