Upcoming music artist narrates how a positive comment on Instagram landed him a huge record deal

This is one of those news that make one feel so warm inside, and make you say ‘my time is coming.’


As it came for Nigeria-based Cameroonian music artist, Dollar Boy, who spread love and positivity on Instagram and now has oyster for his world.


So, what is this all about?

It’s about how being positive is so much better and how they can positively transform one’s life in a blink. The internet and it’s associated social media platforms may seem anonymous but they aren’t. They are powerful platforms and our actions online can have huge impacts on our lives offline. So, we should be careful about the things we post and share online. You never know what the outcome could be, both sides of the coin are possible.

If you doubt us, ask Dollar Boy who responded positively to what certainly qualified as a hate speech and xenophobic attitude by an ex-BBA housemate, Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe.

Monroe had posted a Snapchat message where she had called on other Africans to boycott Nigerian music because according to her, Nigerians are not interested in music by other African artists unless it was produced in collaboration with a Nigerian artist.

Epic fail, Monroe! You got it all wrong.

Needless to say, the post garnered some backlash, which in hindsight might be what the former BBA contestant was after. Maybe she was courting publicity and controversial hate posts like this one were guaranteed to get her noticed.

Anyway,  one of the responses to the post that stood out was that of a largely unknown upcoming Nigeria-based Cameroonian artist, Dollar Boy using the handle @it’s_cameey.



He’s not a Nigerian but he has lived with us and understands some of our ways. He has benefitted from our generosity and patronage. He wouldn’t keep silent when someone accused us wrongly of crimes we know nothing about – he must speak out. And that he did. He replies:

As a Cameroonian who’s lived in Nigeria for quite a while I can confidently tell you one thing about Nigerians and that is the fact that if a Nigerian likes or dislikes something you would definitely know. Nigerians don’t mince words with you, they confidently tell it how they see it and that’s one unique quality about them I admire deeply.
Nigerians no send if your papa na Obama. Also, the will to survive against all odds is deeply ingrained in their DNA and this accounts for their global successes cuz Nigerians NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!
#I’ve received immense love and support from Nigerians following the release of my single last year regardless of my nationality so you’re very wrong about them dear @huddahthebosschick You’d definitely love Nigerians if you “Come closer” *in Wizzy’s voice*?Spread love #oneafrica


Thank you, Dollar Boy for having our back!

Did you hear that Monroe? So hopefully next time before you allow some negative spew out by mistake, chew your words and think twice before posting.

But that was not the end of the matter, for Dollar Boy at least. Someone was paying attention. Someone who Providence can use to change lives for that matter was PAYING ATTENTION, and Dollar Boy’s post got their ATTENTION.

We don’t know what went on in DMs, calls and meetings but we know the outcome because Dollar Boy told us. And it’s all happy news. It’s a great, wonderful news, the type that most people dream of all their lives but never see it come to life. He shared the happy news on his Instagram page as a caption of to the image below.



He says:

@its_cameey: “Barely 3 hours after my comment on an @instablog9ja post yesterday I received a call which led to a meeting today. I just left the meeting with an offer for a mind-blowing record deal, which has left me completely speechless. I pray for wisdom to make the right decision. God can change your life in a heartbeat.
Still can’t believe it’s not a dream. People moved in their thousands to show me massive love and support and bless my career in less than 24 hrs. God is great.
Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude, literally in tears right now. I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone and promise to use this opportunity wisely to build myself and make you proud.
“Would have made a video of this instead but I’m sure you wouldn’t wanna see a grown man cry tears of joy. God bless us all? God bless @instablog9ja #OneAfrica

We’re happy for you and are wishing you great success in your music career. More blessings on your way, Dollar Boy!

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