Did Tiwa Savage and Wizkid share passionate kiss on stage?

If you’re a fan of Wizkid and/or Tiwa Savage, you probably must have heard the rumours, at one time or the other, that the two were/are secret lovers.

But neither of them have confirmed the rumours, well until sort of now.

The duo shared a passionate what looked suspiciously like a passionate embrace in a video, which has surfaced on Instagram. The occasion was a live performance in faraway France where Wizkid and Tiwa Savage gave a rendition of hit collaboration, Ma Lo.

Midway through the performance, Wizkid casually walked up to Tiwa Savage who opened her arms for him. It looked like there was a kiss and Wizkid even placed his arms on her bums, very comfortably in a way that seems to suggest that was not the first time.

We certainly don’t know if what we saw was an act, maybe Tiwa Savage and Wizkid were playing to the crowd – very likely they have heard all those rumours of their being alleged lovers. Or was it a spontaneous act? Only Tiwa Savage and Wizkid know the answer to these questions. But one thing is certain, they have certainly provided social media with something to talk about.

Watch below:


Meanwhile, back in 2018, Tiwa Savage had denied the rumours that she and Wizkid were in a romantic relationship. In an interview with Soundcity, the 49-99 singer reveals she knew of the rumours, saying:

I heard all sorts of stories about Wizkid and me, but I chose to ignore them. At a point, people said I was dating Humblesmith, later they mentioned another artiste.

How long will I continue to debunk these rumours? I have been in the music industry for quite a while and I have grown a thick skin, so certain rumours or insinuations don’t get to me again.”

At the time, Tiwa Savage was still married to her then-manager, TeeBillz but their marriage was shaky. Shortly after, TeeBillz shared a now-deleted public post on Instagram stating that Wizkid was not the reason for his marriage trouble. While thanking Tiwa Savage for respecting him, TeeBillz noted that Wizkid could never do that – that being making out or sleeping with his then-wife. The couple were estranged at the time.

Not long after that in October 2018, Wizkid featured Tiwa Savage as his love interest in his music video Fever. At that time, Tiwa Savage’s marriage to TeeBillz was certainly over. But no one knows if Wizkid played a role in the end of the marriage, and none of the parties said anything. The public can only speculate.

We think most people probably forgot all about those dramas, until now with the surface of the video on social media. No doubt, some people would revisit the events of last year and try to pierce it all together. But unless the parties involved actually choose to open up about what went down, it would only be speculation. The only known variable is that Wizkid and Tiwa Savage have a subsisting friendship going on between them. Whether that friendship is of the romantic flavour, is just guesswork, no matter how juicy anyone thinks it might be.

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