Conor McGregor enroute NYC to face court after bus attack

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Conor McGregor has boarded a private jet from Ireland and is returning to the US to face a New York judge after his April attack on a UFC bus.

TMZ reports that Conor is facing a total of 7 years jail time if he is convicted. It is therefore in his best interest if he successfully negotiates a plea deal with prosecutors.

The incident took place on the 5th of April, Conor threw a steel dolly at a UFC bus and later turned himself in, to the authorities.

He spent a night in jail before eventually posting bail and returning to his home country, Ireland.

Several people were injured in the incident including multiple UFC fighters and staff. McGregor is facing several criminal charges; 3 misdemeanour assault charges and 1 felony criminal mischief charge.

The boxer was supposedly attempting to confront long-term rival Khabib Nurmagomedov, who was involved in a minor altercation with one of his training partners earlier when the situation escalated.


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