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‘We are on top of the situation’ – Lil Frosh says in response to domestic violence allegations

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Lil Frosh has responded to the allegations of domestic violence which were levelled against him by his ex-girlfriend and her brother. 

The singer released a statement in which he apologized for his “actions and inactions” and also condemned domestic violence.

The drama started when the brother of the singer’s ex-girlfriend took to social media to call Lil Frosh out for beating his sister.

He shared pictures of her after she was battered and called from help from the public.

Shortly after the post went viral, Davido terminated his contract with Lil frosh, sending the message that he does not condone domestic violence.

Lil Frosh’s ex-girlfriend also came forward to tell her side of the story. This was done after people started to accuse her of cheating on the singer or doing something to deserve the ill-treatment.

Now, the singer has released a statement on social media saying that he and his team are on top of the situation.

See his statement below:


  1. Anonymous says

    Crazy human. This will still repeat itself cause this is whom he is

  2. Gift says

    I don’t even see something that can pass for an apology here.
    This guy is not serious.

  3. Deji says

    Na ogun go kill this one las las

  4. Anonymous says

    Sounds like a lil brat. I guess Davido saying he won’t suffer is making has emboldened him. Anu ofia. What a jackanapes!

  5. Tolani says

    No be small tin ooo.

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