My Valentine Story: My Val Experience by Castle Benneth Udeng

On Valentine’s day, the 14 February 2018, while others were setting up dates with their girlfriends and boyfriends I was busy setting up PLAY STATION 3.

And I was patiently waiting for my tournaments with my friends. Of course, that was what we always do during celebrations only that this time my mum was around and she was planning to cook a huge meal for her friends. She is the type that will keep calling you to get this and that for her while preparing so I knew I was in trouble and pretended to be sick.

Around 2pm, my friends turned up and we started killing each other. The noise was so much when we scored with C-Ronaldo that my mum woke up and entered the kitchen… All I was hearing every two minutes was “Castles!!! Castles!!!” I nearly cried because I was about playing finals with someone.

As soon as I came back, we started playing. It was a draw, which means the game has entered penalties.  The next thing I heard was “Castles!!!!!!!!

I rushed to the kitchen thinking it was to bring maggi but behold I was to pound the yam for the pounded yam. I sweated like never before. It wasn’t funny.

As soon as I was done with making the pounded the yam, I rushed to the room, grabbed the pad, chose my kicker takers and pressed start. That was the exact moment PHCN took the light.

Tears dropped from my eyes and the next thing I heard again was “Castles babby!!!!!!!!!!! The veg hasn’t been cut ooo…

It was my worst Val ever.

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