My Valentine Story: Suprise Hangout by John Martin King

Valentine’s day had always been fun me but this year unlike other Val’s day, I was cashless and didn’t have any plan for the day.

At around 1 pm, my immediate younger sister requested that I accompany her to see her paddy at Chilis Food. I was like hmm! Of course, I said “yes“.

Quickly, I dressed up and we left the house. Inside Chilis, my sister walked towards a table and I followed her mumuciously. On getting to the table, the faces before me were all painfully familiar; in fact, it was a table surrounded by my younger ones. I immediately told them that I didn’t have a dime on me that it was better we left the restaurant immediately before before we get into trouble. I have  hardly completed my sentence when our last born ushered me to a seat and said “not to worry.”

Ok oh! I sat down and they started ordering for chicken and yogurt plus a small bottle of nighttrain for me. Not long after my girlfriend showed up. I was very much surprised though I mechanically asked, “how are you, love“? She was like “happy Val’s day, dearie” followed by a tight hug.

After the eating and drinking, we took lots pictures. To rap it off, on 14th February 2018, I witnessed the most lovely surprise hangout.

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