My Valentine Story: Never Such a Valentine Again by Samuel Prosper

It was the 14 February 2018, a day that happens to be known as “Lovers day.”

I was supposed to accompany my friends to the cinema, however, I also planned to sneak out to meet my girl, a girl I got newly. I had N3000 with me but I didn’t know the girl had plans for me.

Came 6 pm, I told my friends that I was not feeling well. After expressing some concern and having my assurance that I would be okay by myself, they left me. As soon as they were gone, I quickly dressed up and rushed to Villa Maris.

I met her; she was looking so adorable, lovely and her smile was busy killing me. I asked her what she wanted to take and she said fried rice and chicken with sauce and a big Hollandia. When the waiter brought the bill and it I checked it, it amounted to N2900, so all I had after paying the bill was N100.

I told her that I loved her and she replied thanks. I told her I liked the way she smiles and she said thanks, again. I excused myself to use the bathroom and on returning to our table, I found that she has ordered for a second serving. I wanted to cry. I was looking at the girl like sheyi law.

When the waiter asked for money, I pretended to be on a phone call when I wasn’t calling anyone. While I was praying in the name of a call, those friends of mine happened to stop by to pick some takeout before heading to the cinema. I quickly borrowed N1500, paid and left the girl. I never called her again. It was really bad for me that day.

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36 thoughts on “My Valentine Story: Never Such a Valentine Again by Samuel Prosper”

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  12. Home you had the biggest fun ,I will give it to your story and your strategy.
    You get luck o
    Next time try tell those your friends that you are going to see a chick,you will see that they will all love to go with you and even spend to get attention.lolll
    Just tips ooo

  13. The fact that you show luxury treat to a girl dosent guarantee her love for you.
    You have to be real.
    But I give it to you because it was Val’s day and you ought to spend a little common don’t be stingy..
    I love your story.please date me next time so you will take me to toscana but not with 3500 o

  14. Abeg free am jor,ladies deserves the would have even make the money around would have been better.
    Lovely one..fresh boy

  15. Hey you shouldn’t just say you love someone on a first date,you should first of all get acquainted ,that way you will get some secrets from her.

  16. Well for me valentine is a day of sharing and giving.
    I don’t see anything wrong in the girl asking for more.
    Its a onetime enjoyment for the whole year so the girl decided to utilize the opportunity .I think you should call her and even apologize because you don’t know what judgment is.
    You are supposed to tell the girl how much you were having with you, who knows maybe she would have loved it so much and even assist you.its vital to be open when dealing with ladies than looking like SHEYI LAW.HAHAHAHA..

    • @sarah I love your suggestion and have taken it into consideration
      Am trulysuposed to tell her how much I was having.
      Am sure by that way,she would have asked for something cheaper like meat pie and yoghurt

  17. On a first date,you ain’t suppose to take a lady to such costly place like villa Maris.
    But you still had fun because when you finally tell your friends the truth,it will be all round laughter

  18. Too bad you had to learn your lesson on the day you are supposed to enjoy but it serves you right and its epic.,Lol memorable..happy val

  19. Its truly a lesson,am sure you have learnt from it and know that it is good to be truthful and sincere.your friends that you lied to were the ones that saved you otherwise you would have been washing plates there.

    • @professor you are absolutely correct.lies only leads to trouble.sincerity is what I adopt from now on.thank you for commenting

  20. Lolll my friend that shows you that the girl never loved you. She only wanted you to spend your money on her.
    You need to stop being proud ,you could take her to a local restaurant,wouldn’t have paid such amount


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