My Valentine Story: The unexpected sleep by Mayowa

So I went on a dinner date with this guy. I met him a few months before Valentine’s Day and we are getting to know each other and he actually likes me.

I actually didn’t have any plan for Valentine’s day so when he called and asked whether we should go for dinner; I agreed. I am still a student and I am in my final year and this guy is working at an Insurance company. We met through a mutual friend.

On Valentine’s Day I had class until about 4pm. I was so angry because another lecturer fixed a class for 6 pm-7 pm and this guy was going to pick me up by 8 pm. I think God heard my quiet prayer and touched the heart of the lecturer. He cancelled the class and I was excited.

I quickly went to see my supervisor to tidy up something concerning my project and headed straight to my hostel. I really don’t know why I was shacked up about the date; maybe it was because everyone around me (my friends and roommates) were either getting gifts or going out and I didn’t want to feel left out.

When I got to the hostel around 5 pm I freshened up. One would think I was running late for my date but I wasn’t as I still had roughly 3 hours. So I rested a little on my bed and drifted off to sleep.

Oh my God! I exclaimed when I woke up. You don’t wait to know what time it was when I woke up (lol). It was 10 minutes past seven!!! Like how did I sleep off? I started to panic and as if that wasn’t enough he called to tell me he just left the office and was already on his way to pick me up. The way I rushed and did my make-up and dressed up still amazes me till today. I was like Usain Bolt. The thing is that if I had told my roommates that I was going out they would have woken me up but I didn’t tell anyone cause it was kinda impromptu.

By the time I finished dressing up and did my make-up. I looked undoubtedly gorgeous. Then he called me that he was already around. I quickly dashed downstairs. He complimented my looks immediately he saw me. That definitely was a good start because I felt all my Usain Bolt moment paid off.

I got into his car and we drove to a restaurant on the Island. We had dinner and talked and talked and it was just beautiful cause the mood of the restaurant itself was all lovey-dovey. After the dinner, one of the waiters handed me flowers courtesy of this guy. It had a beautiful hand-written note by him stuck into it. Awww! Don’t blame me I am a romantic at heart.

I still smile whenever I remember that night.

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