My Valentine Story: An epic experience by Hassan

Like the saying goes, “Love is in the air.”

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning, the 14th of February 2018, which we all know as Valentine’s day.

I had no girlfriend and I had no plans to celebrate the day but unknown to me, mother nature had other plans for me.

I had awaken with a slight headache so I decided to take a strowl around the neighborhood. That was when I met Ruka, a light skinned lady in her early 20s walking down the road. She stopped me and asked for directions. She said she was new to the area. As is my chivalry,  I took her to her destination. We chatted for a while and exchanged numbers.

Later in the evening we met. I had ascertained that she was single. I asked her to be my Val. She agreed. We both spent time together and it was wonderful.

That was how I spent my valentine.

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