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UPDATE: Tory Lanez reportedly shot Megan thee Stallion when she tried to exit his SUV

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It has been reported by several news outlets that Tory Lanez reportedly shot Megan thee Stallion in the foot. 

The two attended a house party in the Hollywood hills when a fight broke out causing Tory, Megan and her best friend, Kelsey Nicole to leave the party in Tory’s car.

TMZ is reporting that the two had an argument as they left in the chauffeur-driven car but at some point during the drive, Megan wanted to leave.

Tory then reportedly fired shots in the car and they hit Megan in the foot twice. According to a video circulating online, Megan can be seen bleeding from the foot as she steps out and away from the car.

A few feet from the car, Tory can be seen lying facedown on the floor.


“Tory fired the shots from within the vehicle while Megan was outside trying to leave,” a source us Page Six. “There is video and the police are investigating. This is a case of a man physically harming and abusing a woman.”

With regards to the video, a spokesperson for LAPD confirmed that no video “would be released until the case goes to court in order to protect the integrity of the case.”

“The detectives are seeking information regarding the shooting involving Daystar Peterson, and the investigation is still ongoing. I’m not privilege to what the detectives have right now,” the spokesperson added.

Only a few days ago, Tory Lanez was arrested on gun charges while Megan was reported to have injuries on her foot from broken glass. She, however, took to Instagram to clear up the reports, saying that she was indeed shot and is protecting her energy from now on.

  1. Gift says

    The fact that he is on the floor is funny… I mean, what is he doing on the floor after he shot someone?

  2. Taiwo says

    Crazyyy. Why did he do this?? What’s the full story?

  3. Belinda says

    There’s more to this story sha

  4. Just musing says

    Why do people walk around with guns? Speedy recovery to Megan.

  5. Deji says

    I hope we get the full tea on this story soon. Till then, fingers crossed.

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