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Tanzanian actress, Wema Sepetu says  Diamond Platnumz cheated on her even after she dumped her boyfriend for him

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Tanzanian actress and model, Wema Sepetu has denied claims that she is competing for the attention of Bongo flava recording artist, Diamond Platnumz,with his baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto.

In an interview, the actress advised ladies against having any affection for Diamond Platnumz because he is a cheat who can never be faithful. She advised, disclosing: ”Keep off Diamond, he’s a serial cheater who can never change his way.”

“To be honest, even if Diamond comes swearing that he has cleaned up his past and wants to marry me, I won’t accept it. That would have happened back then but not now. I know Nasibu too well after being together with him for two years. I know his ways. He will still cheat, he can never be faithful to any lady.”

Diamond Platnumz and his girlfriend

Furthermore, the actress added that she dumped CK (Clement Kiondo) to be with Platnumz. However, he still cheated on her with fellow bongo movie actress, Meninah.

The actress whose claims come just few days after the singer was arrested by the police for a video he uploaded on social media was in a relationship with Clement Kiondo before meeting Platnumz. Clement Kiondo is a former flamboyant chief accountant at Air Tanzania who is currently serving a 5-year jail term after he was sentenced last year due to a corruption scandal.

Platnumz’ video which is described as obscene shows the singer and his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto caressing on bed. Reports have it that he uploaded the video to spite his other baby mama, Zari Hassan.

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