Takuache and Edgar haircut: Meaning, lifestyle, origin, tlacuache and pop culture

Takuache is becoming a popular word. By mistake or deliberately, people are finding out that a word like this exists and everyone is gradually having the word on their lips. Whether it is being used to describe a haircut for guys or it is being used as a slang to describe how certain men look, people have found ways to keep the word on their lips.

According to Urban dictionary‘s top definition, takuache is a person that dresses in American fighter shirts, expensive jeans, boots or Sperry’s. They also wear hats, sometimes have their ears pierced and typically get around in a dropped Chevy Silverado.

Could the definition above be what it is all about? Does it really satisfy the curiosity sitting patiently in our minds?

Not really? I think so too.

This definition is still vague, as it creates no picture in the mind that befits the name. Are you amongst the curious people who are interested in knowing what takuache is? This article brings to your way everything you need to know about it and its usage. Read to the end to find out all the information you need.

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What Takuache really means

Takuache is a slang term used to refer to young Mexican-American men who enjoy driving large pickup trucks and wearing expensive Mexican apparel such as boots, belts and jeans. The most common description of takuache is an image of a short Mexican teen spotting an Edgar haircut and a wide smile. Basically, it is a slang term used to describe persons who like three things – dropped trucks, burnout, and truck meet lifestyle. More on the Edgar haircut below.

How to become a Takuache

Becoming a takuache is quite easy because it can be done via influence. So, to become one, you have to be influenced by takuaches by hanging out with them.

One of the first things to change about you is your dressing. The only type of pants you are allowed to buy or wear is true religion pants while your shoes should switch to boots mainly.

Your truck/car has to be a Chevy Silverado and it has to be low and include bass speakers. This type of truck1 or  meets the lifestyle. The part where you always eat tacos at 1 or 2 in the morning is not completely left out either.

Speaking about music, the only type of music takuaches listen to is new corridos and then, you have to say “cuhh” at the end of every sentence.

History of takuache

It is quite difficult to state how or from where the slang takuache sprang. However, this very popular slang has gone viral to the point that it is now associated with a number of things.

However, it is believed by some that it all started when on 2 November 2017, a Facebook user Adam Meis from Denver, Colorado made a post where he asked the public to be on the search for a couple of teenagers who stole his truck.

The Facebook user went ahead to upload on his Facebook post the photos of the thieves riding in his truck. Screenshots of the suspected thieves were then shared on Hispanic News Network’s BlogSpot site on 5 November 2017.

Post shared on Facebook announcing truck theft allegedly the origin of takuache

In the following months, the screenshot of the teen was shared across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and TikTok. Then the image started being accompanied by references to Takuaches and the name “Edgar”

While we’re still digesting this story and trying to decide how this explains the history of takuache, here is another account that aims to explain the origin of takuache.

According to this second history, it was when on 9 March 2019, a Twitter user, known as TheFigueroaShow, made a tweet linking a short haircut with the name Edgar that it all started. The tweet has since earned over 19,000 retweets and 77,000 likes in nearly two years.

Edgar hair cut - origin of takuache

Later, it was speculated that the real name of the young man in the photo was Kevin and that he accidentally killed himself. A TikToker known as lafatpig later confirmed it on 5 February 2020.

The TikToker posted a video discussing the original image with the caption “Story behind the ‘Edgar’ meme”, stating that he apparently shot himself in the head while attempting to take photos with a gun.

@lafatpigStory behind the “Edgar” meme ? @jojisrightnutsack #fyp #edgar #cuh #takuaches #edgarhaircut? Pa Andar Agusto – Juanillo Diaz

This is all we have on the history of Takuache.

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Takuache haircut / Edgar haircut

The takuache haircut is popularly known as Edgar haircut and it is one of the most controversial haircuts available for men.

The haircut can be identified by its straight line of fringe across the forehead. This is the defining feature of the Edgar haircut.

This haircut is popular amongst Latino and Hispanic teenage boys and takuaches, it is basically the Mexican version of the Caesar haircut, and anybody can wear this cut, even guys with curly hair.

If you are looking to grow your hair longer, Divine Locks is a product that works well for many people and not only grows hair but thicken it.

How to style Edgar haircut

All Edgar cuts have a blunt line of fringe, which can be worn close to the eyebrows, or in the middle of the forehead, or higher up towards the hairline.

The sides and back can be styled differently and as creatively as you choose to. Men who have long hairs often have a rounded or mushroom shape. The Edgar also looks good with all types of fades.

The styling of the haircut can be versatile as long as the hair holds its shape and stays in place.

Here are a few ways you could style your Edgar haircut.

1. Short fringe

There is no age limit for this haircut. This cool boys’ haircut contrasts thick fringe over a blurry fade. Let the hair grow until the bangs hit the brows and then it’s time for a haircut.

Edgar- short fringe

2. Bowl cut

This version of the Edgar haircut continues the line of fringe into a mushroom-shaped bowl cut.

Edgar- bowl cut

3. Temple fade

This version of Edgar haircut almost doesn’t look like it because the fringe is really short. From the side, one can see a cool combination of a curved temple fade and straight hairline.

Edgar - Temple Fade

4. Mexican Caesar

This version is short and thick all over with crisp edges. Try a comb or boar bristle brush to style this look. The side view gives a cool combination of a curved temple fade and straight hairline.

Edgar - Mexican Caesar

5. Short bangs

Short bangs come with blunt fringe that can be cut wherever you like, almost down to the eyebrows, closer to the hairline, or somewhere in-between.

Edgar - Short bangs

6. Blunt bangs

This haircut can be achieved by having a thick fringe in a straight line that contrasts with sideburns faded down to the skin at the front. While the back view is a neck taper. The hair is cut with a heavy fringe to emphasise thick and blunt bangs.

Edgar- Blunt bangs

7. Taper fade

This haircut has layers, which gives it a rounded shape all around. It’s not quite a bowl cut but you could say it’s bowl-inspired.

Taper fade

8. Edwin

While this haircut doesn’t have an age limit, the Edwin style is particularly cute on younger boys. Its fringe is quite short, but it is worth it.

Edgar - Edwin

9. Side part

Styling the Edgar haircut in a side part gives every shade of awesomeness, similar to that a six-pack would give.

Edgar - Side part

10. Quiff

This hairstyle is similar to the side part style, the only difference is that the fringe is styled facing upward.

Edgar - Quiff

What is Tlacuache?

In Mexico, takuache is known as tlacuache. In the English language, tlacuache is known as Opossum.

The Opossum is very common in Mexico and other parts of America. It is a very present and viable part of the Mexican folklore. Its name comes from Náhuatl tlacuatzin, which means “animal that eats a lot” in English Language. In other Latin American countries and Spain where Náhuatl names are less common, it’s called “Zarigüeya”.

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About Tlacuache

The tlacuache, also known as Opossum, looks like a giant rat with its size and weight on the higher end of their body. They look bigger and their size may get to that of a mid-size puppy in central Mexico. These animals cannot be domesticated.

Don’t get me wrong. Opossums are not harmful. They are harmless, slow, and clumsy animals. They might look a bit scary because of their body structure; however, they are not aggressive in any form. They are mostly away from sight during the day as their sight isn’t adapted to daylight.

Being around an Opossum is quite safe because they do not carry rabies, however, they can be a bit annoying because they have the tendencies of getting into your garbage, and getting it out is definitely not a walk in the park.

Survival instincts

Surprisingly, this animal has one of the wisest survival instincts there is amongst animals. This is expected because they are often prey animals. Their only defence mechanism is to play dead incredibly convincingly, eyes open, almost invisibly breathing for a long time.

Isn’t that smart? Makes you fall in love with tlacuache already.

What to do if you see a tlacuache?

Well, the first thing to do when you come across a tlacuache animal is to remain calm. Don’t be scared, just stay calm and try to avoid it.

Don’t think that the best way to get it out of your way is to feed it out of the way. It might get into your garbage, and if you don’t want that or if you are worried about it getting into your garbage, which will most likely happen, mainly out of hunger, then you can move your garbage. However, whatever you do, avoid touching or feeding it.

Keep in mind that if they are fed, they will return to the area they were fed, and the urban environment can be hostile to them.

What is Takuache Cuh

Takuache Cuh is a song in the Reggaeton genre. The song was released in 2019 by an up and coming Mexican artist known as Faraon de Oro.

The song Takuache Cuh is by Faraon de Oro, a hit song with millions of views on both Facebook and YouTube. Watch a version of the song below.

About Faraon de Oro

Faraon de Oro is a musician who grew up in Mexico and was exposed to all kinds of music including Banda, Cumbia, Merengue, and Corridos.

He recorded his first Spanish song “Me Vuelves Loco” in 2017. According to him in an interview, “the response was unreal. So that’s what I dedicated myself to ever since. Now my songs get millions of plays on Facebook and on YouTube, my latest song Takuache Cuh is well over one million views.”

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Takuache Memes

Yes, takuache has memes and they can be very funny as hell. A meme is an image with a quote that carries a meaning peculiar to a particular culture or social context. So, wouldn’t you be surprised if you find that takuache doesn’t have memes?

However, most takuache memes are in Mexican or Spanish with few in the English language.

Top 5 Takuache memes

While the takuache lifestyle is slowly being accepted, it doesn’t stop people from creating memes out of it. So, with the lifestyle comes a lot of memes. Here are the top five takuache memes below

1. Takuache meme

2. Takuache meme

3. Takuache meme

4. Takuache meme

5. Takuache meme

What does Cuh mean?

The word Cuh is a slang word used to refer to a “cousin” but takuaches commonly used it to refer to a friend. This word is among the starter pack for becoming a takuache.

Trokiando / Trokiando Cuh

Trokiando is a Spanish term that means trucking and it is used as a verb.

However, Trokiando is a clothing brand that was started by three friends, two out of which are cousins.

The clothing brand is within the custom truck scene culture and is better known for its innovative designs and ideas. Some people confuse the clothing brand as a truck brand because they see countless trucks with their logo on its back windshield and assume they’re part of the brand’s crew.


Finally, from all we have seen, we can confidently say that the word takuache can be associated with a number of things. However, the haircut and the animal is the most common use.

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